Our Strength Depends on our Conviction in the Lord.


Text: Daniel 11:32, John 13:17, 2 Timothy 1:12.

Topic: Our Strength Depends on our Conviction in the Lord.

Minister: Pastor Lazarus Muoka

We all should know that knowledge is very important in our relationship with God. Hosea 4:6, lack of knowledge will make you act unwisely, ignorantly, it will make you act the way you are not supposed to act. Knowledge brings conviction, while conviction brings strength.
Conviction will make you to be committed to the things of God, anybody who have this conviction will go extra mile for God. Conviction matters a lot, it will not allow you to compromise.  

For a better understanding of this Message, we shall Consider it under the following subheadings;

Point 1: The Reasons, Roles and Examples.

Our vision and mandate must be achieved, and for it to be achieved, we need people who are convinced by God, people who knows and obeys the vision and mission of the Church. Such people with conviction will do exploit, they can not speak evil of God and the Church. Anybody who have a clear vision of heaven and existence of God cannot be distracted. Example is Paul the Apostle, because of his encounter with Christ, he was ready to die for Christ. People with conviction works with their whole heart in doing the things of God because they see the work of God as the work of their father, those without conviction follows anyhow they like.

Point 2: Our Expected Response and Counsel.

Everyone must examine himself/herself to know if he or she has conviction. If you lack conviction, pray and ask God to give you Conviction. Many brethren who have had revelation/vision about The Lord’s Chosen, it will be very difficult to take such persons out of the Church. Pray and ask God to give you conviction so that you cannot stop on the way.

Mordecai convicted Esther to let her know she is in the kingdom at that time for a purpose, Esther 4:13-14. Jesus Christ died and rose again because of his conviction. The Apostles paid the price with their blood because of their conviction. Reactivate your conviction for being a Chosen, but if you don’t have any, pray for it, so that you will not fall away or crash out of this ministry. This message is very paramount for making heaven and fulfilling the mission, vision and mandate of this Great Commission, The Lord’s Chosen Church.
As you do so, you will be a free man/woman in Jesus name, Amen.


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