God has decided your Salvation and Restoration that makes for Joy


Text: Isaiah 44:24, Jeremiah 31:13, Matthew 14:25-31.

Topic: God has Decided your Salvation and Restoration that makes for Joy.

Minister: Pst Lazarus Muoka.

We all should understand that Salvation is of the Lord and is the foremost of his promises. Luke 14:17, among all things that are really the foremost is Salvation. God has come down to this Programme to save sinners, Luke 19:10, Isaiah 45:22. Salvation is of the Lord, you will never go back home a backslider or a sinner again after this Programme. All sinners and backsliders shall be restored in this Programme. God has a plan for sinners and backsliders; he created us for his pleasure. Revelation 4:11, God will take pleasure in you.

In this program, he has come to restore everything stolen by the enemy. John 3:16, Genesis 3:15, 1 John 3:8, Jesus came to destroy the sinful nature transferred by the devil to man through the woman. Today, he will give you eternal life, John 10:10.
In this program, God will save and restore us.

For a better understanding of this Message, we shall consider it under the following subheadings;

Point 1: The Reason and Examples.

Remember this program is for God to make you to rejoice, the greatest source of Joy is Salvation. Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23. Jesus has come to carry the weight of sin from us and to give us real Joy. Jeremiah 29:11, the plan of God is to give you an expected end, and salvation is the foremost. Luke 12:32. God’s plan for you is the kingdom above and eternal life. As many that will follow him and do his will, heaven at last will be our portion. Salvation and restoration are now ready, Joel 2:25-27.

Whatever the devil has stolen from you physically, spiritually, materially, be it your zeal to the services of God, be it righteousness, the Lord will restore them for you today and in this Programme. God will restore the backsliders and give them real Joy in this Programme. Luke 15:7
Example abound of those whom the Lord saved and restored again. Luke 19:1-10, Zacchaeus met Christ and Salvation was given to him; Mark 2:1-5, the man with the epilepsy was saved after receiving Salvation. John 8:7, the Lord is willing to forgive and saved you. John 21:1-7, 15:20, Jonah was a backslider and the Lord restored him.

Point 2: Our Expected Response and Effects.

Remember your Christian names does not automatically make you a Christian or because of self righteousness, or going to Church regularly does not makes you a Christian, once you are born of a woman, you are a sinner. Genesis 5:3, Romans 5:12-21. God gave room for grace through righteousness, it is never the will of God for any soul to perish. Romans 10:17, 1 Peter 1:23.

We must do everything to please him by concentrating on the message. Exodus 19:10-16. We must tremble before God’s presence, we must prepare for his second coming, we shouldn’t allow anything to distract us, don’t give room for murmuring and complaining. Philippians 2:13.
We must maintain right relationship with God, we must not allow disobedience and carelessness of any kind. As we allow God to work on us, we shall increase and multiply in every aspect of our lives in Jesus name… Amen.

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