Healing Galore At Mgbidi 2019 Int’l conference


It was a total divine package today, the day 2 of Mgbidi 2019 Int’l Leaders and Workers Conference. God did not just encouraged the attendees in words alone, He physically demonstrated His Raw Power as of old
 in their lives in signs and wonders. People with health challenges got their Healings. Below are few among many that were healed.

1. 27 years deaf and dumb healed instantly.
2. 21 years deaf and dumb received technical knockout.
3. Healed of 3 months partial stroke.
4. Healed of 3 years inability to walk.
5. 2 months leg poison healed instantly.
6. 3 years spinal cord injury healed instantly.
7. 14 years leg pain instantly rolled away.
8. 1 month kidney problem healed instantly.
9. 12 years of deaf and dumb rolled away.

10. 12 years of deaf and dumb rolled away, instantly.
11. 7 months insanity healed instantly.
12. 1 month of inability to walk rolled away instantly.
13. 3 years stroke healed instantly.
14. 2 years fractured leg healed instantly.
15. 6 years stroke instantly healed.
16. 1year & 8 months inability to walk healed instantly.
17. 2 years broken bone joined together, instantly.
18. 3 weeks partial stroke healed instantly.
19. 2 years stroke healed instantly.
20. 3 months stroke healed instantly.
21. 6 years stroke & 10 years hernia healed instantly.
22. 44 years and 24 years of deaf and dumb from birth, healed instantly (both from the same family).
23. 6 years partial stroke healed instantly.

To God whose hands wrought these miracles, may His name be praised now and forever more.

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