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Bro Joshua Usman who resides in Abuja declared himself a Chosen on Saturday, August 3, 2019 during The Lords Chosen Workers Meeting.
He was among those who spearheaded the distribution of Linda’s Evil Cassette against The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries and the Pastor of the Lords Chosen in the year 2013.
After uncovering the agenda of Linda, which was aimed at destabilizing revival in Nigeria, he has voluntarily come forward to tell the whole world that all the vision of Linda as contained in the CD are false and contains no truth.
Below is the interview he had with the Chosen Online Media Team in Lagos, Nigeria.

ONLINE CORRESPONDENT: Can we meet you and please, can you recap the testimony you shared on the testimony rostrum?

RESP: My name is Pastor Joshua Usman. Until recently, I’ve been attending the church – Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide ( HOREMOW ) as one of their coordinators, focused on the western States. The church is non-denominational, converging of several churches with the goal of holiness, to spread the gospel of Christ. So we have one director and several coordinators. In 2013, a woman named Linda from Sierra Leone visited the church and gave a revelation. In her revelation, she testified of how God delivered her from the marine kingdom and took her to heaven and hell. She also talked about 7 churches in Nigeria. Afterwards, she returned to Sierra Leone. The next time she visited the church, the director had decided to marry her. On the wedding day, she came along with her sister and relative who attend the same church as herself in Sierra Leone. They both wanted to address the congregation and provide some expository information about Linda but the director asked some of the coordinators to speak with them separately while the wedding continued. So, these Two persons mentioned that Linda had not yet been delivered from the marine kingdom as she claimed. They explained that she claimed that their late bishop, whom they believed to be an anointed man of God was in hell. They also said that she has caused a big problem in Sierra Leone and if we did not take heed, she would do the same thing here in Nigeria.

We explained all of these to the Director at the wedding reception. However, he did not believe them. Neither did we because we felt they were saying all these because she mentioned that their late bishop was in hell.

She soon had another revelation where she claimed that The Lord’s Chosen Church was not from God and said a string of profanities against the Church. She said God has instructed them to advice the members of The Lord’s Chosen to leave the church. That God will require their blood from our hands if we did not inform them. So the church – Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide moved into action and produced video CDs of Linda’s false revelations . After production the CDs were handed over to the Coordinators. Each of the Coordinators were given regions where they were to distribute these casettes. I was asked to distribute mine in 5 states in the west – Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo and Ekiti States of Nigeria. I personally distributed about 7,000 copies of these CDs and they were given to people free of charge. The church covered the cost for both the production, transportation and distribution of the CDs. What I would usually do was to go to churches and ask them to gather their members together that we want to show them a video of End Time Church. When members of these churches watch the tape, they all will request for additional free CDs which they will in turn share with several other people. Little did I know that the revelation was false. I thought that I was saving souls from hell.

ONLINE CORRESPONDENT: When this revelation came up, did you, the leaders and the Director ask for confirmation from God before producing these records?

RESP: The Director called all the Coordinators to the headquarters to pray about it. After a few days he told us he has prayed and we should go ahead to distribute the casettes. As coordinators, we had to obey the instructions of our Director because we believed he heard from God.

However, I started noticing that anytime we made plans to continue distribution of the CDs, there will be trouble and confusion in the church.

ONLINE CORRESPONDENT: What kind of confusion?

RESP: Anytime we make plans to distribute the CDs, someone will embezzle money so there will be no money to continue the distribution. At other times the Coordinators will be against each other. Since the beginning of this CD distribution about 18 coordinators have left the HOREMON. The Director at some point even asked us to pray so that the Coordinators that left will come back. An example is Thomas Sambo, the man whose book we published on heaven and hell. This book brought in several members into the church and made the HOREMOW rise to the limelight. He was the first to leave the church and it was this Linda CD that made him leave. It was a shock to the church because he was a fundamental part of the Ministry.

ONLINE CORRESPONDENT: Did the coordinators that left give any specific reason for leaving?

RESP: When we were instructed to distribute the CDs, Thomas Sambo said he will not partake in any iniquity or blasphemy. One of the other coordinators that left told me that it was after he left that he “ recovered his senses”. Many of the coordinators that left kept telling me to leave the HOREMOW. I recall that Two Chosen Pastors also asked me to come out from there. I told them that if God wanted me to leave then I will. However, deep down in my heart, I did not intend to leave the church because I thought that I was doing the right thing. Nevertheless, I noticed that after I go for any of this CD distribution, I will feel uncomfortable. There was this gross feeling of sin that was all over me.

I started having revelations. The first one was a voice saying, “My son, come out from where you are” and “come out from among them.” The next was an Angel. He said, “You will present yourself before Chosen and the exact way you are rallying around, distributing this casette is the same way you will explain it in Chosen.” Then in the last revelation, I saw the G.O of The Lord’s Chosen warning me. He said that since I am out from there, I should take a stand. Which is to present among the Chosen and tell them the details of the CD and that it is FAKE. After his warning, he turned back to the pulpit and I saw Angels taking stands and following him like ushers do. At some point, God asked me, “What will you do if you find out that the information in the CD is fake?”

When I eventually left the HOREMOW for The Lords Chosen, I suffered several persecutions. However, those who had earlier left the church were congratulating me.

ONLINE CORRESPONDENT: What is your advice to all?

RESP: Those who left The Lord’s Chosen because of the Linda CD or are still doubting should know that Linda’s revelations are false. I’m really bothered about all the multitudes that collected these CDs from me in the Western States. I have been wondering how I can reach them but I’ve been advised that I could use the internet, etc to correct the falsehood and spread the truth.

ONLINE CORRESPONDENT: What changed your mind about The Lord’s Chosen?

RESP: The revelations I had where the Angel spoke to me and the other revelation I had when the Angels of God were standing beside the G.O of The Lords Chosen as escorts. Also, don’t you see that it is the prayers of the Chosen that brought about the confusions in Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide including the 18 coordinators who left. The prayers the Chosen made concerning those CDs are working.

ONLINE CORRESPONDENT: What can you say about The Lord’s Chosen.

RESP: The proof of God’s presence is here. The testimonies also are great proof of the presence of God in The Lord’s Chosen!

ONLINE CORRESPONDENT: Thank you Bro Usman. May God bless you for revealing this truth. May grace to make open the works of darkness and expose the devil to the world be given to you in Jesus name.

RESP: Amen

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew, International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.

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