How God delivered me from fulani herdsmen attack


Our G.O here in Chosen usually makes a declaration that no Chosen Member will die prematurely. Truly, this declaration was fulfilled in the life of our brother when he had an encounter with the dare-devil fulani herdsmen.

This incident occured on the 5th of July, 2019 around the Benin expressway by-pass. Bro Joe and his family consisting of his elder brother, younger brother and wife embarked on a journey down to the Eastern part of the country (Imo State precisely).

They journey from Ondo state in the elder brother’s vehicle; the journey started out as a smooth ride until they got to Benin. These ‘Fulani herdsmen’ emerged from the Bush, wielding guns and began shooting sporadically at them.
The eldest brother was the first to sight them running out of the bush; he screamed when he saw them.
Immediately they began shooting, our brother remembered the admonition given by our G.O when in a difficult situation – to declare, “I AM A CHOSEN 3 TIMES, that we’ll see the glory of God”.
Our brother began to declare”I am a Chosen”.

At this time, the elder brother lost control of the vehicle but this Merciful God kept the car in motion without crashing. Bullets hit the car and even shattered the window glass but none of them in the car was hurt.
When they had moved a far distance from the scene of incidence, they brought the car to a stop. People gathered round including nearby police men. The police men adviced them to go to the nearest police station to tender a report.
There, they were also given a permit that would allow them continue their journey because of the condition of the car. It was ridden with bullet marks and shattered glass.
Truly, it was God Almighty that intervened and preserved the life of our brother and his siblings. This experience also caused the repentance of his elder brother who never cared about going to church or worshipping God. After this, he repented and began to reverence God.

Praise the Lord!

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew, International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.

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