Month: August 2019

Daniel – the uncompromising youth – By Pst Nurseman Ebi

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THE LORD’S CHOSEN 2019 INTERNATIONAL YOUTH PROGRAME THEME: GOD’S QUALITIES FOR A BLESSED YOUTH TOPIC: DANIEL –THE UNCOMPROMISING YOUTH MINISTER: PST NURSEMAN EBI TEXT: Daniel 1:8; 6:10; 11:32, Jude vs. 3; Acts 5:27-29; Matt. 11:12 Rom. 1:32 PREAMBLE:  Dictionary meaning of the word UNCOMPROMISING is: showing an unwillingness to make concessions to others, especially by ….  Read More

“Develop yourself spiritually”, Mummy Joy Muoka urges the youth.

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“DEVELOP YOURSELF SPIRITUALLY.” MUMMY JOY MUOKA URGES THE YOUTH The atmosphere was filled with joy and there was ovations when the wife of the General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Mummy Joy Muoka, mounted the podium. The audience, who couldn’t withhold their joy, expressed their happiness by way of energetic and charismatic ….  Read More