31 years barrenness crushed by God of the Chosen


Bro Sunday Osakeni and Sis Tina Osakeni joined Chosen in 2005. They lives at No 4 Akeem Lasisi Shasha, Lagos. They hails from Ekweme village in Ika South of Delta State, Nigeria.

Sis Tina and Bro Sunday are thanking God for breaking the yoke of 31 years bareness in their family.
She said she has been searching for a child for the past 31years, but when she got to the age of menopause, she knew all hope to have a child was lost, so she decided to use her remaining days on Earth to serve God and make Heaven at last.
She said she got lots of insults from various people that even when people came to her kindred in the village, what they use in describing her family is “the family that has no child”.
She was doing the work of God diligently and also supported the work of God in her branch financially.

On a certain day, she traveled to the village for an occasion, she met with her local branch moderator, he looked worried then she asked what the problem was?, He told her that the branch had a program but the generator was faulty.
She told him to get someone to fix it that she would foot the bill which was #4,500, she had #5,000 which was her transport back to Lagos. She handed over the #5,000 to him so he could settle the Bill.
She borrowed money from someone to transport herself back to Lagos.
When she got back to Lagos, she had a dream where she saw the angel of our pastor, the angel saw our sister in a sorrowful state and asked her what the problem was? Our sister told him she wanted a child. The angel of our G. O. in that dream told her to wait that he was coming, he came back with a team of doctors/surgeons. According to our sister, she said their feet did not touch the ground. Our G.O. ordered the doctors/surgeons to reset her womb. They did as they were told, then our sister could see them rearranging her womb. As soon as they were done, our daddy G. O. told her she is pregnant. As Soon as she woke up, her faith was boosted. Her stomach started protruding then she went to the hospital for scan, the scan confirmed she was pregnant, neighbours and people around her were wondering if the pregnancy was real, they were surprised to see her pregnant as well.

The evil ones were not happy she was pregnant, our sister went for scan and it was confirmed that the protruded stomach contained lots of fibroids, she rejected it and still stood on the proclamation of our G. O. in her dream that she was pregnant. She went for scan 10 different times and they all confirmed that she had fibroids in her stomach, it also showed there was no baby at all.
Our sister did not let her faith waver but stood on the fact that her case has been spotted and the word has gone forth that she is pregnant.
She decided to go to the Lord’s Chosen Hospital, when she got there, the nurse in charge had to ask her certain questions so that a file would be opened for her in the hospital.
The nurse asked when last she saw her period?, She said six years ago, the nurse was shocked and asked how many months pregnant she was? She said she doesn’t know all she knows is that she is pregnant and wants to start her ante-natal in Chosen hospital.
The nurse was surprised and took our sister to the doctor on duty who looked at our sister’s file and asked her the same questions, the nurse asked her, she replied the same way. The doctor inmediately told her to go for scan, the result was out and there was lots of fibroids in her stomach, it was also revealed that a baby was in her womb but due to the fibroid, the baby was hidden, according to our sister, she said the baby was like the size of a rat.
After the scan she went downstairs where pregnant sisters were undergoing the ante-natal process, she asked the nurse in charge the fee for ante-natal, she was told a thousand naira.
She decided to do her own ante-natal every Thursday Deliverance and counseling services. She sowed the same 1,000 fee for Ante-natal as a seed to the God of Chosen. She did this for months. She carried her baby in the womb for 19 months.
On the 16th of April 2019, she officially gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. But the evil ones were not happy that she finally gave birth to a baby, they strucked her with partial stroke. She couldn’t breastfeed her baby due to no breast milk, weakness and low blood in our sister’s body.
She picked up her phone to call somebody but our G. O’s phone number appeared, then she called him and told him her predicament.
Our G. O. prayed for her and commanded her to rise up and walk, according to our sister, she said strength came upon her and she started walking and also did what she couldn’t do before.
She made a vow to God to go to everywhere people mocked her because she was barren, to give her testimony and show them the child God gave her and to prove to them that God of Chosen answers prayer.

Have you been dubbed barren by men of the world, don’t worry anymore, the same God that remembered our sister after 31 years of childlessness will remember you very shortly, the cry of babies shall be heard in your home.

Praise the Lord!

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew, International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.

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