How God Of Chosen exchanged 19 years barrenness for two bouncing baby girls


Our Sister mounted the testimony rostrum with great Joy in her heart. She came singing songs of praises to the God of Chosen which goes thus;

“If not this God, where will I be…? (2x)”

Sister Blessed and her husband, Bro Christopher Ikwere are thanking God for rolling away 19 years barrenness in their family.

After my wedding in the year 2000, my menstruation ceased. I went to several places for solution but all to no avail, I went to three Pastors for prayers and deliverance. The first Pastor told me that my duty is to serve God and forget about child bearing, I left there and went to the second Pastor who told me that I came to tempt God, the last Pastor I visited told me that I have reached the age of Menopause. Meeting with these Pastors added to my sorrow as no hope was given. We were ridiculed by many as a result of our inability to procreate. It got to an extent that a woman confronted my husband and told him that, “he is a barren man.”

Still in search for fruit of the womb, we located the Lord’s Chosen Church here in Akwanga and identified with them, the Pastor attached to the location here prayed for us and ever since then, I began to see myself carrying two girls in the dream.
I saw my Pastor, Pastor Ejima visiting my house with our Daddy G.O in the dream. After the transfer of Pastor Ejima, so many Pastors came to my location and prayed concerning my predicament. One day, I saw my Daddy G.O in the dream giving me something to drink, I took it and when I woke up, my body system changed. I fell sick and when I complained to my Husband, he suggested going for medical check up, that was in May 2018. I called my Pastor, who prayed for me and declared that I am carrying two babies. After the check up, the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant.

 On 18th February, 2019, I delivered two bouncing baby girls, Baby Peculiar God is too much and Precious Treasure.
I delivered my babies like the Hebrew women (Sound and Safe) without any interruption while they were coming forth.

I return all Glory to this God of Chosen who has done this. May his name alone be praised, now and forever more.

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew, Nassarawa State.

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