From Cultism To Christ (A full confession of small vulture)


FROM CULTISM TO CHRIST (A full confession of Small Vulture).

Cultism as we all know is a menace that has eaten deep into the fabrics of many youths. Many destinies have been wasted as a result of this ungodly sect. Parents whose wards/children have left the good names they bear to identify with this devilish confraternity have always prayed to God for deliverance of their wards/children.

It is not usually easy for anyone who has been initiated into this group to denounce this secret cult.

In Chosen, we have heard of thousands of former cultist, who on having an encounter with the Lord’s Chosen and her members, got their salvation and deliverance from the evil group. The testimony below is one of such.
Kindly peruse the testimony and glorify the name of our Great God

Bro Emmanuel Chindi who resides in Port Harcourt and joined Chosen as a first timer on 30th of May, 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria, is appreciating God for delivering him from a deadly Occult Kingdom named “Aro Bagger Vikings Confraternity” which he was a member for 15 years and also for healing him of epilepsy that lasted for 7 years.
He was formerly known as, “Small Vulture” by his recruits in the same confraternity, who  saw him as their superior then.

Our brother said that he came to know this occult group through his uncle, who was also a member of the same cult. They were eight (8) in number on the day of his initiation but after the initiation process, only three survived the initiation stage. it is usually very tough and only few who survives the mending process, come out alive. They were beaten with machetes, each ninety nine times (99) and the five that did not survive were buried right there in the forest without traces of their bodies or news given to their parents about their whereabouts.

He said that they were involved into different killings and personally, he has killed about seven people and afflicted uncountable number of persons. He said that they also love to drink blood and they initiated people by inviting them (youths) to parties. He was into terrorising people, both at the market and other places. He loves shedding blood anywhere he was then, not minding the repercussion.

On one occasion, on sudden invitation by some bloodsucking politicians, they travelled to Kogi State for operation, that was the first time he had an encounter with Chosen people. There was an election in that State and they decided to start a fight in that area.
They were camped in a big forest where they were to be operating from on daily basis, to scare the most political rival groups or their bosses away.
He said they do slaughter live goats and eat them raw in the forest. So, one faithful Friday, they decided to storm the city of Kogi for another serious attack but unfortunately for them, Chosen people were having their Usual Friday’s Prayer Meeting adjacent to one filling station, their target that night.
They entered there to disturb them and as they were shooting sporadically into the air and on the bulb to make the place very dark for their operation, it didn’t penetrate. They also attempted shooting at some members and a kid in Chosen apron in the Church but they were not successful as the guns couldn’t respond. That was how they left the area unhappy.

He and his gang then left Kogi State to Port Harcourt where he resides after being settled by those politicians they worked for.
It got to a time, his members were pursuing him to kill him, even to the extent of coming to the park to look for him.
This was why he decided to escape for safety from Kogi to Port Harcout. He didn’t seize his evil activities as at that time but continued terrorising people. His involvement in occult activities made the school to expel him when he was admitted into the tertiary institution to study Business Administration at Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Uwana in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He was also a former student of the Federal Government College, Umuolero, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

While in Port Harcourt, he went with his gang to collect money in the market. He also initiated Students from different Universities and in the market, he generated revenue for the Government through his gangs, by collecting daily dues from people in different marketplaces forcefully and beat up those who refused cooperating with him, to stupor.

Unfortunately for him, he met our Sister that preached to him, but he declined and went away.
He said it was only one woman who’s a Chosen that he listens to because of her maturity in dealing with his kind of person. He said one fateful day, the Chosen Sister sent her daughter to bring food for him.
She knocked at his door and brought food to him. Unknown to him, the food had been prayed upon. After eating the food, he washed the plates and went out, very early, the next morning to visit the Chosen Sister that brought the food for him. When he got there, he saw a Chosen Calendar and our Sister continued to sing Praises to God. It was at this point that he decided to open up to our Sister. He told her all the things he has been doing and what he has been going through, that he was suffering from epilepsy, that has lasted for good 7 years and this happens to him 3 times a day. Our sister assured him that when he comes to Chosen and encounters God’s power in Chosen, that everything will be rolled away including the epilepsy and freedom will be granted to him, to leave the cult group.
Our Sister gave him #5000 (Five thousand naira) which he used to travel down to Lagos.

While in the bus, a sister started singing, she also preached and fortunately, she was also a Chosen Sister. Brother Emmanuel had the epilepsy attack again in the bus and our Sister in the bus told him to come down to Ijesha and assured him of his healing after having encounter with God in Chosen. Brother Emmanuel also told the Chosen lady that he’s also going to Chosen to meet with God for solution to his problem.
The Sister he met in the bus also gave him #1000 to transport himself down to Ijesha and gave out her phone number to him for contact purposes when the need arises.

He said that he came down to Ijesha on Wednesday, 29th of May, 2019 and on Thursday being the 30th of May, he joined the Thursday Counseling and Deliverance Service and got his healing when the man of God mounted the podium to minister to the Congregation.

His salvation and deliverance came while the service was going on, our Daddy G.O mentioned his case. He said “You out there, suffering from epilepsy, I command it to vanish away in Jesus name Amen”. Our brother claimed it by faith and instantly started vomiting, and that was how epilepsy of 7years was rolled away at the mention of that name Jesus.

Till today, he has not experienced the epilepsy attack again which normally happen to him three times daily.
Our brother advised the youths, that they should never venture into cultism and that parents should always monitor their children and also check their body for any strange marks especially, whenever they’ve gained admission into the tertiary institutions, where they’re out of their care.

After his testimony, he publicly denounced his membership from his former dangerous and dreaded Cult Group and assured the congregation that he’s totally for God now and will never identify with them again as old things are passed away.

He confessed that truly, that God who saves sinners from their sin is the only true God and that God, is the God of Chosen.

Chosen Praise the Lord!

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Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew, International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.

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