Former Prostitute Now In Christ


Sis Mercy Ngozi Philip, from Imo State is thanking God for breaking the yoke of 1 year and 1 month prostitution in her life.

She was initiated into the life of harlotry by her friend who she said was one of the Pastors (Church not mentioned) working with a Church in Ghana. She said one good day, the Pastor approached her and requested that she follow him to Ghana promising to give her a befitting work overseas. When they got there, the story became unexpected.
Instead of a befitting work as promised; rather, it was to introduce her into prostitution which she bluntly refuted. The Pastor insisted and threatened to starve her to death throughout her stay in Ghana since she refused harlotry business.

She struggled to stay out of the prostitution but it was very difficult for her because she found it very difficult to meet up with her personal needs including accommodation, food as she was left with nothing.
The only option left for her then was going into harlotry. This abject poverty made her to give up and join prostitution business but on several occasions, our Daddy G.O will appear to her in the dream and warn her not to continue in such dirty lifestyle. Remember that she was not a Chosen at that time.

She continued in her dirty lifestyle but one fateful day, our Daddy appeared to her. This continued blocking her customers to the extent that she hardly get any customer to sleep with again and get money.
This made her to share her experience with her girlfriend and partners in same harlotry business. They advised her to follow them and go to a native doctor who will make charms for her and give her powers. They went to the Native Doctor’s place there in Ghana.
The first native doctor they visited wrote her names on a mirror and washed it with water, he gave her the water to wash her face and body which she obeyed to the letter even to the extent of washing her whole body with it.

The surprising thing is that after their visitation, she only had customers for just a week and her business closed again in a manner she never saw before.
They decided visiting the second native doctor who requested that she choose from a two option that goes thus;
 1. To bring a human being for sacrifice or
2. having unprotected sex with the spirit; that is, sleeping with the native doctor himself in his shrine without protections.

This was very outrageous for her to do but unknown to the native doctor that she had inserted a protective female condom to her vaginal canal. The native Doctor succeeded having her without protections as he was ignorantly unaware of her plans.
After they finished having sex, she had wanted to remove the cotton wools but he (native doctor) refused and insisted that she will spoil the miracle he just did for her. He instructed her to remove it when she gets home. When she got home; she brought out the cotton wools out from her vaginal canal and saw four live maggots with characteristics choking smell.
Later on, she had customers for some weeks and things became worst as never imagined even after she had consulted two powerful native doctors in Ghana.

She later capped it up by going to the third native Doctor where she was given charms including the hip beads for getting permanent attention of the male folks so that when they remember her, they will not have the urge for any other woman other than her; ear rings for seduction; spiritual anointed oil for beautification and a leg bead for danger signals.

With these items, he asked her to go and meet her customers who will always check on her on sighting these charms all over her body.
Instead of things getting better after she had visited three native doctors; neither was she even getting regular customers but things became worst and all efforts to solve these problems proved abortive.
After these ordeals, she knew she had very serious problem somewhere because things were not going as planned.

She said she made enough money from

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