JUST IN: Dead body brought back to life


Testimonies of dead people who miraculously came back to life after God’s intervention cannot be counted in this Great Commission. Our God who did it in the past is still in that business of making dead situations alive. The testimony below is one of such testimonies to back-up the above claim.

Sis Millicent Eziuzo joined Chosen in  year 2006.
Our sister ordeal began in the month of January 2014. She noticed some strange things on her skin that looked like mosquito bite. Her skin began to scratch her gradually and later spread to all parts of her body like rashes.
Before she knew it, her whole body was covered in rashes and spots that kept bringing out pus and water.

She visited many hospitals in search of solution, but none was forthcoming as the doctors could not diagnose exactly what was the cause of the problem. At some point, she decided to try herbal remedy but still didn’t produce any result. Instead of getting better, her situation got worse. Her skin decayed terribly and had a very foul odour.  It was so bad that no one could stay anywhere near her.
Her finger and toe nail fell off, her skin kept peeling off every day.
She had no one to carter for her except her husband. He would clean her up, wash her clothes and carried her around when there was a need.

Our sister could not walk, found it difficult to eat, and couldn’t even put on any clothing.
Laying in a bed wasn’t easy either because if she tried to adjust her position, it would cause a lot of pains for her. This is because her skin (flesh) would peel off and this peeling is accompanied with terrible pains. The situation was very terrible as at sometime live maggot began to come out from her decayed flesh.

Her husband decided to take her to the village, on their way home, any police check point they approach the police men would ask them to move on Without conducting any check. They would tell her husband he is carrying a dead person in his vehicle.
Upon getting to the village, her family members saw her condition and began suspecting that her husband was responsible for the strange affliction.
Her biological mother couldn’t even stay. She ran away after few months and went  around announcing that our sister’s husband was behind her predicament.

In all of this, our sister and her husband never lost hope in the power of God to heal her.
There in the village, the condition wasn’t improving and she was brought back to Lagos.
During the mgbidi 2019 crusade, our sister’s husband took her down to Mgbidi. On the fourth day of the crusade, the G.O mentioned her case and cancelled it.
That same day, she had a divine encounter in the night. In that dream, she saw an angel of Chosen who came to where she was with a chosen bus. She entered the bus and they took her to her father’s house.
There in her father’s house, her mother’s younger sister was exposed as the one behind her affliction. She had done a certain charm she put into a pot and kept it in her room.
That evil pot was brought out and broke into pieces. She rejoiced greatly in that dream before she woke up.

That encounter marked the beginning of her healing. All the pus dried up, the water that used to gush out from her skin stopped also.
Today, she has fully recovered and she is very grateful unto God for taking away the shame and reproach of that sickness.

Praise the Lord!

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew


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