Baby with hole in the heart healed


Sis Goodluck Menife joined Chosen in 2007. Our sister is thanking God for the miraculous healing upon her daughter, Baby Delight Manifest. Her daughter was born one year and eight months ago. Unknown to the parent, the baby was born with a condition known as “Hole in the heart” initially the father notice that the baby was emaciating everyday and called our sister’s attention to this. They decided to visit the hospital for medical attention.

The baby was taken to Head Mark Hospital Oshodi, where she undergo various tests and x-rays. The x-ray showed that she had a hole in the heart. The Doctor referred them to LUTH, for confirmatory tests. There at LUTH, series of X-rays were further conducted and still indicated the baby had a hole in the heart.
The Doctors at LUTH informed our sister and her husband that the only remedy was for baby Delight to undergo a surgical operation.

They agreed to go through the surgical procedure. Before the surgery day, our brother met the G.O and he laid hands on the baby’s picture and prayed.
On the operation day. The baby was taken to the theatre at about 6am in the morning, but no operation was done until 7am in the evening.
Our sister and her husband were called  in by the Doctor to explained to them that they couldn’t go on with the operation as they have been looking for a certain equipment. Because of this, they had no option than to postpone the operation.

Our sister and husband thought about the events unfolding and decided to take their baby home. Their faith hinged on the fact that the G.O had made prayers for them and it could be that they need to give God chance to step into the matter.
The Doctor at LUTH warned them that it was dengerous to take the baby home that she is likely to die within 2 weeks. They made them sign an agreement that if they had to take the baby home, then they had to place her under Oxygen support.
They eventually went home with the baby Delight. The days went by and baby Delight was moving around like every normal child would. Days move to months and baby is feeling well. It’s been 9 months now and God has indeed done the surgery by Himself.
Baby Delight has been alive and healthy; all praise be unto God for doing that which no man can do, free of charge.

Thank you Lord!



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