Police in shock as an armed robber surrenders gun to a chosen woman


Testimonies of bullets not penetrating the Chosen Ones body is a testimony heaven has backed up with many proofs. We’ve had hundred of thousands of these testimonies. Our beloved Daddy in the Lord gave us instructions to always declare, “I AM CHOSEN” 3 times, in the face of any danger and ask the danger who are you? He also said if the danger persist, that we should declare, “Where is the God of My Pastor Power, that we’ll see the Glory of God and something more than man”. The testimony below is one of such testimonies.

Her Testimony:
Sis Christy Lambert joined Chosen in Febuary 2012. She worships with The Lord’s Chosen at Umuaguma Region 2 Headquarters, Mgbidi in Imo State. She joyfully mounted the testimony rostrum with this song, “All glory must be to the Lord, for He is worthy to be praised, no man on earth should give glory to himself, all the glory must be to the Lord”

After the vigil of women leaders and pastor’s wives on Thursday night at the State Headquarters of Thelords Chosen Imo State, they had a little rest and about 10 minutes past 5 am, one of the sister from the choir who came with her from Mgbidi woke her up that they should start going. She gathered her things and followed them. When they got outside, she took permission from them to go and ease herself. After she finished easing herself, she got to the gate and didn’t see them again, so she followed after them.

As she was walking, a little before the junction, a boy came out from her right side and pointed a gun at her. Immediately she saw this, she started declaring “I am a Chosen!” (3×) and she asked the armed robber “Who are you?”… As she made this declaration, he fired the gun exactly at her forehead but the gun did not make any sound.

The young man became intimidated and he started dragging her bag from her. While the both of them were draging the bag, one hand of the bag cut off and she continued declaring “The God of my pastor, Where are You?”. As she was making this declaration, in His wicked heart, he gave her a stud and she fell down, he started hitting her with the gun seeing that the gun could not fire anymore. While he was yet hitting her with the gun, he received a heavenly confrontation and he immediately dropped his gun on the floor and ran away. As she was walking away from that sight, she saw a young man in white shirt and white trousers coming from the same direction, he came close and asked, I had a voice shouting, was it your voice? She said yes that armed robbers attacked her. He asked, “where you wounded?” she said yes that she sustained some injury but that she’s not having any pain. He was startled and said, “are you sure of this?”, our sister replied, yes and showed him the gun she succeeded in collecting from the armed robber and walked away.

The other sisters called her on phone and she told them what had happened, at this time they have already entered a bus going to Mgbidi, they came down and return to the scene where the incident took place to see her. They confirmed to her that before they entered the bus they heard someone shouting “I am a Chosen! Who are you?” But they couldn’t come close to see who it was. And our sister told them “God did not allow you people to come to my rescue because He doesn’t want to share His glory with anybody”.

When our sister got home, she reported the matter to her Regional Pastor who later called the State Pastor and was instructed to return to Owerri so that the gun will be officially  handed over to the police.  When they got to the police station, they made a report and handed the gun over to them. The officer in charge looked at the gun and marvelled. He said “this gun has been fired, but what happened that made this bullet not to come out?” Our sister told him “it is the power of God. The officer told her “This your God that did this kind of miracle, I believe there is nothing that he cannot do, please, pray for me and my family. She prayed for him and asked God to take over and bless him.

Assistant State Pastor of the Church, Pastor Innocent Mbakwe confirmed the authenticity of the testimony, that the Lord’s Chosen Church is a true Church, founded by the Almighty God and handed over to God’s General, Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

When some reporters from different National Dailies in Nigeria accompanied the Church authorities to the Owerri Police Area Command to report the incident, the Policeman on duty confirmed that the gun was fired but that for some strange reasons it refused to respond despite repeated attempts.

The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the station, Paulinus Asogwa, a Superintendent of the Nigeria Police, commended the Church authorities for not taking the law into their hands by reporting the matter promptly.

Asogwa assured that the Police will mount 24/7hours clock surveillance around the area and expressed gratitude to God that no life was lost during the process.

Members of the Church during the testimony, leaped up for joy for this great testimony and thanked God for preserving the sister.

Find attached to this testimony, the Video of the testimony, Newspaper pages that confirmed and shared this testimony.

Indeed, this kind of miracle, it is only God that can do this.

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Media Crew, Imo State Headquarters.


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