All Nigerians Must Embrace Christ, For A Better Nation – Pastor Lazarus Muoka

All Nigerians Must Embrace Christ, For A Better Nation – Pastor Lazarus Muoka

In an exclusive interview had with the General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, he bare his mind on some issues, kindly read through the interview that ensued between him and members of the press at the Corporate Headquarters of the Church in Ijesha Lagos, during the just concluded Easter Retreat Theme: “God’s Covanent of peace and blessings” and Topic: All my problems are over”

INTERVIEWER: Sir, the media are here to know what the programme is all about and what is to be expected?

DADDY G.O: Well, all of us do know that sometime, over 2000 years ago, Christ came and paid the price for our sins. He suffered for us, was killed, he died and on the third day, he rose again for our justification. That is why we are celebrating the Easter today and tomorrow. It’s a celebration for Christians all over the world because without that event human beings would have not gotten salvation. The thing that gave us right to our salvation today is the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

So in this programme yesterday and today by the grace of God, we want to let the brethren, the people, all who came here know that Christ’s death gave us our victory over all our problems. Sin, sickness and every kind of problem, in Christ, it is over. Because Jesus Christ has carried away our sorrows, He has taken away our sins. So, whoever that gives his or her life to Christ, has found eternal solution. That person has gotten freedom from all his sins and over the afflictions of the devil. Now, what that implies is that when you have a case and you know the cure, it’s as good as being cured. That’s why the bible said that whosoever the Son of man has set free is free indeed. And through him, we will have all things. The bible said but my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. In him we have all the solutions. So our problems are over in him.

INTERVIEWER: Let’s talk about the Easter celebration. You have spoken at length concerning the significance of Easter mostly to those that believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. Those that don’t believe in our Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings should be carried along. So in this context what is your Easter message to all Nigerians?

DADDY G.O: My message to all Nigerians is that seeing that Jesus Christ had paid the price for our sins, He has carried away our sorrows, He has taken away our suffering. My advise to Nigerians is that they should all come to Him according to His purification. He said come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. There is a lot of problems here and there, and it has strongly been a dream to have freedom and solutions. So, all of them should give their lives to Christ and amend their ways and begin to live their lives according to the will of God. I believe that the Nigerian problem and the problems all over the world is what we will call – man made problem. That problem can also be solved as we all generally, everybody all over the world gives their lives to Christ. This is because God has solution to the sin of Adam that brought about the suffering of humanity through Jesus Christ. So, they should embrace Christ so all their problems will be over. In Him they will be able to live victorious lives and overcome all the challenges in this life.

INTERVIEWER: The issue we have today in the country is the problem of insecurity. As a man of God, as you are telling us now, what are you recommending, what are you telling our leaders to do concerning this issue of insecurity?

Except the Lord builds a house, the bible says that builders build but in vain. All I want to point out is that the solution of all man’s problems is only through Jesus Christ. They must embrace Christ, they must be born again, must give their life to Jesus Christ. So that everyone will live in the fear of God and nobody will be given to all these vices of killing, robbery and all the wickedness.

So, if the whole people should repent, the matter will be solved. If we decide to bank on human security, it has limitations. It fails if Christ is not there. If you heard the testimonies that are going on, in the testimonies, you would see that there were people who came with AK47, charms, etc. Yet they couldn’t prevail over the Chosen ones because we are in Christ.  From the various testimonies you can see that the bullion boys and those who came to kill our brother did not succeed because we are in Christ. So the issue is that what we are preaching is the truth. If anybody will abide in it (accept the truth) that person will enjoy the presence of God. That is the different thing between The Lord’s Chosen and other churches.

Sir, we’ve been told that the issue of insecurity in the country is due to lack of love and tolerance among Nigerians. Considering that the message of Easter is that of love, how can the message of Easter help us to achieve the security that we are talking about?

DADDY G.O: You talked about love. Love without Christ is counterfeit. The bible said God is love, He that is in God dwelleth in love. If anybody is talking of love and is not a child of God, it’s a deception. You cannot give what you don’t have. This love is mechanical love. Anybody can love you and still kill you because he doesn’t have Christ. You just want me to preach like others and say what they’re saying but I wont say what others are saying because what they say is love one another. You can’t love one another without Christ. If you love one another without Christ, you can still kill  the person. So, the solution of man is come to Jesus, be born again and begin to live your life according to the will of God. So, love will be there, mercy, compassion, fear of God. When these things are there, evil will not prevail. All I want to let you know is that the solution to all these is for Nigerians to return to God through Jesus Christ, fear God and depart from all evil.

INTERVIEWER: There is a programme themed, ‘Hope for the Barren’ we heard will be coming up very soon, in about 2 or 3 weeks time. We all know about Hope for the Needy but this time around it’s Hope for the Barren. Which according to the information we got was last held about 10 years ago. What were the reasons for the delay and what is the programme about?

DADDY G.O: Thank you very much. Actually, it was Hope for the Barren that metamorphosed into hope for the needy because sometimes, people want a form of interpretation to suit their understanding. Now, we can also realize that Hope for the Barren addressed a particular issue and people are in serious demand that that issue be addressed again. And that is the issue of barrenness. We know that when you have faith, “I am barren and this programme is Hope for the Barren.” Automatically, you will come with great faith. So that matter will be addressed again but then that barrenness will not only be confined to barrenness in the womb but every need of the people. The Hope will be there and that Hope is Jesus Christ. According to his words, he said, “when two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” When we come together on the 11th and 12th of May, 2019, I’m assuring you that every form of barrenness will be addressed. That’s why we are returning to that programme – Hope for the Barren. God has made us to go back to it and address it once again in the life of people.

INTERVIEWER: We’ve had series of crusades this year. What impact have these crusades made?

DADDY G.O: Thank you very much. The impact of our crusades is what you are hearing today. You are hearing people with various needs that was addressed. And by these crusades also, you can hear of people who lived the life of gambling but are now transformed. Those into robbery and other kinds of vices are now transformed. Now that is the benefit, it changes lives and it makes the people and society become better. Even when they don’t want to come, like you heard in the testimony of a sister where a dead person was inviting members of her family to join Chosen so they will not die like her. She said they killed her and she didn’t want them to die like her. But you know that that dead person there is just the Angel of God taking that body because God can use anything. Yet a sister of that particular lady did not believe and said, “is it only in Chosen that God is answering prayers?” She died, now when she goes to hell she will realize that Chosen is a unique place that God raised for a purpose. The point is that the crusades that we are having regularly is changing the lives of people in a positive way. That’s why you hear of gamblers, robbers, etc being transformed because the power of God is being made manifest and their lives are changed. So they embrace Christ and they become free from all the stealing, robbery and wickedness. So it has an effect.

INTERVIEWER: As we celebrate Easter, a young lady, Leah Shuaibu is still in captivity. I would like to know your advice to the Government so this lady doesn’t die in that place?

DADDY G.O: My advise to everyone including the Government, Christians and believers is to pray that God should intervene. The people should pray so that the people holding Leah Shuaibu will release her and she will be free. Only God can do it.

INTERVIEWER: We are glad to have this discuss with you.

DADDY G.O: God bless you and enlarge your coast.


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