An Address By Dean Of Studies Of More Grace Bible Institute


   The General overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries (TLCCRM), His wife – Our Mummy in the Lord, National Pastors, State Pastors,  Autonomous Pastors, Head of Department, other ministers of God here present , invited guests, staff  and student of this great institution, other protocol observed.
 You are welcome to this annual occasion/ event which is two-fold in nature, Graduating the student who have completed the bachelor of Arts in Theology and Diploma in Theology programs and the Matriculating of our new student into the above programs.

We are happy to be alive to witness another edition of the occasion which is very dear to our heart. Every year, both students and faculty look forward to it with great enthusiasm because it is events that always bring blessing of our beloved daddy G.O and his wife (Our Mummy) in great measure.

The graduating students are bubbling with joy as they celebrate a lifetime achievement of being counted worthy of His calling. The incoming students are equally excited to enroll in the school which is the dream of every minister of God. The Bible tells us that the Apostles returned with joy because Satan and his kingdom were subject to them in the name of the Lord. Coming to the Bible training college is similar to what the Apostles of old did by following the Master in His earthly ministry. It is a show of our submission to the will of God in answering the call to the ministry. You will also be demonstrating Humility to learn at His feet through human instruments.

We see it as a time when we try to understand better our divine assignment in the house of God because it is on record that many, who are aware of their call to serve, may not be sure of the area they have to serve. But coming to the Bible school brings a clear direction to it.
Why I am saying this is because many do yet see the necessity of coming to the Bible school. But remember that it is saver to be informed than to be ignorant because ignorance is no excuse both in the spiritual and physical spheres of life. Training provides an edge over ignorance; even in the ministry. The ministry requires training both Biblical and secular fields and I am bold to say that the institute programs cover them adequately.

I will like to leave you with these few words, before we hear the main course from our Daddy in His exhortation. I want to remind you that ‘ministry’ is one of the spiritual gifts in the Bible.
Romans 12:7 say: or ministry let us sue it in our ministering; he who teaches in teaching. In this context, there are those who help and care for the welfare of others in the body of Christ. In Matt. 23:11 Jesus said –But he who is the greatest among you shall be your servant and in John 2:5 – His mother said unto the servants, whatever He tells you, do it.
The Greek word ‘’Diaokonos’’ means servant. ‘’ I have a ministry or calling’’ does not mean to open church or become a G.O. it means to bring your gift and services as a humble servant to the church in fulfilment of the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Head.

 I have told you before and I am telling you again today as a reminder that More Grace Bible Institute (MGBI) is not a training ground for General overseers as I am not one who is the head teacher. Rather, it is a place to acquire training on how best to use and fulfil the God given talent in your life happily and make heaven at last. Anything short of using your talent here is not workable and you will not succeed.
Having been part of this training, you have learned more than you know before. Fix yourself into the various organ of the church and continue the work. Be a good ambassador of the school and our church anywhere you are, do exploits and show something  different; make good proof that the training is not a wasted one. Be a Chosen indeed; God gave you to Daddy as sons and daughters and not to any other one.
Remember, if you abide in the ship, you will be saved (Act 27:31).
Many of the church representative today here in Nigeria and abroad, passed through the school and they are doing well. Our Daddy’s touch of prayer today and your continued obedience will take us to a great height in the church and in life in Jesus name, Amen.

By his grace, my tenure has witnessed notable progress and could not have been so without the watchful eyes of our Daddy and Mummy. The gigantic school building has raised the corporate image of the school; the recognition and registration of the school with Lagos State Ministry of Education, the newly acquired Hummer bus, establishing this school in Imo, Abia, Abuja, Akwa-Ibom, Bayelsa, Enugu, Ebonyi, and others are just some of them.
We have opened a campus in Ghana and so many other states in Nigeria and countries are gearing to commence operation any moment from now. The message is for you to be an achiever in this ministry under watchful eyes of our Daddy and get his approval no matter where you re operating from.

Every student that have passed through this school is doing exploits in their various fields.
Today, you will be commissioned to join the Winning Team.
The theme of this year, ‘consolidating our training Through Population Growth Drive’ speaks volume in this regard. Our daddy has told us of the need for growth. Growth encompasses spiritual, physical, moral, academic, etc. Therefore, you are a new person from today after the empowerment you shall receive and you will be able to aspire to contribute to the growth of the church numerically and other wise. You are to grow the brethren in faith and be an active participant in the fulfilment of the threefold vision and ten billion soul’s mandate of our great church. I wish you well in all your endeavours.

Special Appeal
The institute you will agree with me has come of age to have its own academic gowns for ceremony such as this. Over the years, we have always rented our gown but we believe that with your kind support, we can purchase ours for keep. Therefore, we are using this medium to solicit that you give generously towards this pet project and God will richly bless you in Jesus name, Amen.

To our guest and invitees, the time you will spend here today, is a time well spent. We promise that you will enjoy the activities lined up in our programme as you wait till the closing as our Daddy will in his characteristic manner, release blessing upon you in Jesus name, Amen.
On behalf of the faculty and students of the institute, we thank our beloved Daddy and Mummy in the Lord for taking out time from their busy schedule to be with us. We also thank you all for coming to this great occasion.

God bless you! God bless you!! God bless you!!!

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