Academic Excellence Granted – Graduated With Distinctions

Academic Excellence Granted – Graduated with distinctions

Academic excellence has really been our lot in this Great Commission. God Himself endowed many amongst us with great intellectual wits. Many of our brethren have stood out in their various field of endeavours and their testimonies have been shared here to return all praises to this excellent God behind the excellent performances.

Bro Amadi God’spower is one among thousands of testifiers who were decorated with laurels as a result of their brilliant performance. Way back in his early years, he’s been singled out for excellence in all he do. He’s been so much appreciative of this God at every point he blesses him with academic success.

In his OND days, he stood out among many students. He graduated with Upper Credit though not happy with this performance. He desired something more than that. As he switched over to his HND Class, he tightened his belt more and studied harder because he believes he has to do his part while God perfects the rest.
At the completion of this HND phase, he was among the best graduating students in his set. He came top with distinctions in all his courses. He attributed this great academic success to God Almighty.

While in school, he served God faithfully, in various capacity. This really moved God to work for him in split seconds anytime he calls on him
The following are the positions he held while in school;
The Lord’s Chosen Campus Fellowship Coordinator, Course Representative and Treasurer of his department.

He advised and encouraged students in the higher institutions to serve God faithfully, that it pays well. He prayed that God who came through for him, will help others too.

He also testified that after the presidential election, as they were returning at night from INEC’s office, where they dropped their dialogue box, that they met some group of boys on the way, who attacked them, but God of Chosen delivered them by making one of the robbers to identify him as a Chosen. He pleaded with the rest of his gang to let them go. Nothing was taken from them.

To God Almighty who did this, may His name be praised now and forever more

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