How A Chosen Sister Killed An Evil Life Owl


Sis Chinyere Chosen joined Chosen in 2003 and resides at No 14 Iterolun Street, Lagos, Nigeria.

She is appreciating God for clamping down an Evil Life Owl that came troubling her physically and for delivering her from her enemies.
Immediately our sister noticed the presence of the evil owl, she declared herself a Chosen, three good times, according to the instructions of our General Overseer. He enjoined all  Chosen members to always declare themselves Chosen on sighting dangers. Many testimonies have been shared to prove the authenticity of this divine instruction.

Our sister followed the instructions to the later and guess what?
The evil owl came down and God of Chosen slayed it using our Sister.
She came with the dead owl (as an evidence), to render sacrifices of praise unto our good God.

To this God of Chosen who is always keeping to his promises, may his name alone be glorified in Jesus name Amen.

Chosen Praise the Lord!

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