Careless Dead Soul Brought Back To Life

Careless Dead Soul Brought Back To Life (This is a fearful and trembling testimony)

Our brother wasn’t expecting death last December as he and other passengers were traveling but it came in a twinkling of an eye. Out of 20 passengers that died including himself, God’s mercy brought him back to life. This testimony is a warning to we that are still living here on earth to make peace with God because Mr Death may come calling unexpectedly. Read the testimony below;

Bro Chibuike Nzeadibe is appreciating God for showing him mercy and bringing him back to life. He joined Chosen in 2014. He resides at No 22 Akpatasio Street, Somolu, Lagos State.

On 29th December, 2018, he was on his way, traveling to Aba, where his parents resides when they met with an accident. Their vehicle hit an oncoming trailer on a high speed and while it was somersaulting, another oncoming 911 truck crushed their vehicle, and that was the end of him and other 19 passengers whose body parts were severed.

He lost consciousness and saw himself in afterlife where himself and other passengers in same vehicle were crying. Suddenly, a big book appeared and then a wind blew which made everyone of them to stand upright .

Then our daddy G. O appeared and went straight to our brother, got furious with him and called him, “a careless soul”. He then asked why our brother left the church on 26th December while service was still going on(December Retreat Programme), that our brother is a careless soul and our daddy G. O started shedding tears and called our brother out of the line and then showed him a video of him and other women leaving the church on that very day . Our daddy drew near to him and touched his head where he was injured and then showed our brother a new route where he will pass, as he warned him not to follow the old route.

When our brother woke up and gained consciousness, he found himself inside an ambulance with other dead passengers just at the mortuary gate.

When the driver of the ambulance saw our brother, he was afraid and ran inside the mortuary to call the mortuary attendants.  They quickly came to our brother and then rushed him to okigwe general hospital where they checked to see if he had any internal injury, but to the glory of God, no injury was found in his body.

Brethren, of a truth, I fear this God God afresh. While we rejoice at this testimony, let us  reflect on our lives and make sure we are at peace with this God because we may be called home at anytime.

May God’s name be praised now and forever more.

You can watch the video of this fearful and trembling testimony on this link:

Photo Credit: Online Revivalist Media Crew, International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.



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