Instant Miracles On Day 1 Of, From Sorrow To Joy Int’l Crusade.


“God’s healing is instant.” Those are words of the General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries shared with the congregation in one of his sermons. To this day, people still ponder and marvel at the faith and trust that are contained in such words of wisdom. The pastor has confidence that when God says He will do something–surprise–He actually does it!  In the holy Scriptures, God promises that He will never abandon us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). When Jesus says, “Be made clean”  to the man with leprosy in the Gospel of Matthew (8:3), he is instantly made clean. When the woman hemorrhaging reaches out to Jesus to be healed of her afflictions, “immediately her bleeding stopped” (Mark 5:29). It become clear that when the Lord desires to do something, there is no delay.

You might be saying, yeah, but those healings were instant because Jesus was in the midst of those who were suffering and He could take away their pain in that very moment. Or perhaps you might intellectualize those circumstances a bit further by arguing that the people Jesus healed suffered exterior wounds that required no time for recovery. Well, I could easily argue that the pain of leprosy or ritual uncleanliness runs much deeper than just exterior wounds. Or I could argue that Christ didn’t always heal those who were in his midst such as the servant of the centurion (Luke 7:1-9).

So, how do we begin to claim the instant healing power of God in the 21st century? Simple. The mystery is revealed through the ministry of the General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Church. In the course of his ministration at the first day of the #SORROWTOJOY2019 Int’l Crusade, the Pastor made prayers for the sick.  From the insane to the lame, and from the visually impaired to the deaf, dumb and still counting, he outlined them and prayed that the victims be healed with immediate effect. These words, just like the Bible, grew to become life and health to the ill. A  testimonies abound to that effect.

Below are some that were recorded;


1.Emmanuel Hormedy — 1 year lungs and heart pain instantly healed.

2.Bro Uche — 5 months broken bones instantly joined together.

3.Bro Ago Sam — 2 ½ partial stoke instantly healed.

4. Bro Monday — 41 years partial stoke instantly healed.

5. Sis Adaoro Odili — 2 years unable to walk instantly healed.

6. Bro Gideon — 6 years loss of memory instantly healed.

7. Chineye Peace — 18 years deaf and dumb instantly healed.

8. Sis Blessing Eboigbe — 1 year inability to walk instantly healed.

9. Bro Alex — 7 years broken bone and inability to walk without support instantly healed.

10. Bro Lukeman — Leg poison struck out.

11. Bro Akintade — 8 months paralysis healed.

12. Sis Joy — 2 years inability to walk instantly healed.

13. 5 months broken bone joined together.

14. Sis Gladys — 3 years Stroke healed.

15. Bro Yohanna Baget— 49 years deaf and dumb instantly healed.

16. Bro Omesa — 3 months Eye problem & 2 legs paralysed, healed.

17. Bro Bassey Emori — 1 year & 4 months Accidents fracture healed.

18. Bro Bitrus Samuel —2 years swollen body deflected.

20. Bro Jacky — 1 month inability to walk healed.

21. Bro Osita — 1 year insanity instantly healed.

22. Sis Comfort Uchemba — 3 years and 4 months paralysis healed.

23. Bro Sunday — 5 years unable to bend nor walk healed.

24. Sis — 2 years inability to walk healed.

25. Bro Azu —13 years deaf and dumb healed.

26. Bro Eyong — 3 years stroke healed.

27. Sis Adizaz —deaf and dumb from birth healed.

28. Bro John Warrie — 8 years inability to walk healed.

29. Sis Uche (from school of Deaf & Dumb) 32 years deaf and dumb instantly healed.

30. Sis Stella — 7 years stroke healed.

31. Sis Rhoda — 20 years moving object rolled away.

32. Sis Esther Aeredolu— 3 weeks fracture healed.

34. Sis Amaka Akinolisa— 5 years inability to walk healed.

35. Sis Chineye & bro Obinna Ugochukwu — 13 years deaf and dumb instantly healed.

36. Bro Bethel Egwuekwe —8 months paralysis, HBP healed.

37. Sis Jeremiah Odeh — 15 years moving object healed.

38. Bro Theophilus — 4 months unable to walk , as a  result of accident, healed.

39. Sis Veronica Oguah — 4 years inability to walk healed.

40. Bro Akin —40 years blindness from birth healed.

41. Sis Marie Ogbebor —1 month and 2 weeks stroke healed.

42. Bro Emmanuel —15 years chest pain healed.

43. Sis Caroline — partial stroke  for 5 months healed.

44. Bro Godspower Okomuou — 5 months stroke healed.

45. Bro Emeka Ike — 9 months partial stoke instantly healed.

46. Bro Samuel Ajaba —5 months Leg pain healed.

47. Bro Sparo —1 month joint pain healed.

48. Sis Rhoda —20 years moving object technically struck out.

49. Sis Florence Oridomo — 1 year partial stoke healed.

50. Sis Chinonso — 2 months  kidney problem healed.

51. Sis Louis Ibe — 12 years inability to walk healed.

52. Bro Gideon {Edo} — 6 years insanity instantly healed.

Indeed, only God can do this.


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