From Sorrow To Joy – Day 2 Message

Sorrow To Joy 2019 Int’l Crusade Day 2 Message

Text: Esther 9:22, John 16:20, Acts 8:5, John 15:5


So many people have died in sorrow because they do not know The Lord Jesus. John 15:5, Hosea 4:6, when we don’t know the source of freedom, we shall be destroyed. John 8:32. Those in the bible who knew The Lord cried unto God in their sorrows and their sorrows were turned to Joy.
As many that came yesterday with various afflictions, their sorrows were turned to Joy. Psalms 50:15. Thank God you are here today, The Lord will deliver you. Every curse causing sorrow in your life; in this crusade, they shall be reversed.


POINT 1: Examples Of Those Whom The Lord Turned Their Sorrows To Joy.

POINT 2: The Fact That Our Sorrow Will Be Turned To Joy

POINT 1: Examples Of Those Whom The Lord Turned Their Sorrows To Joy.
There are so many people in the bible whom the Lord turned their sorrows to Joy. Lamentation 3:22, 2nd Peter 3:9, Isaiah 61:1,
There is sufficient power and anointing of the Holy Ghost to set you Free. Psalms 34:6,  1st Chronicles 4:9, Esther 9:22, Psalms 30:11,
Whatever that constitutes sorrow in your life would be taken away. As the Psalmist mourning was turned into dancing, same way would your sorrow be turned to Joy. Psalm 137:1-4, Psalms126:1-3,

You see you today, as the Lord changes your situation today, your mouth will be filled with Joy and Laughter. Exodus 3:7-8, Psalms 40:1-3. The Lord will bring you out of sorrow, He will establish you. What The Lord will do for you today, your mouth will be filled with testimonies, people will see it and be marvelled.
At the end of this service, you will thank people that brought you here.
As I finish this prayer, Angels will look for where they tied you, your womb, your family, your business, your health. You might not know what the Angel looks like, just take a clear look at me, you will encounter an Angel today.
Some of you that nothing is working for you “IT MUST WORK”.
You see this word that came out of my mouth, it will crush your enemies. Matthew 12:15. Matthew 4:23.
Today I’m declaring judgement against your enemies. Do you know that you are a chosen? Anyone that confronts/touches you shall be afflicted.

Matthew 14;14, Matthew 9:36, Matthew 15:30, Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8, John 13:1.

POINT 2: Lamentations 3:22, John 13:1, Psalms 50:15.
God has not changed, what He did before, He will do it again and all your sorrows will be turned to Joy. Psalms 62:11.
 Anything that comes out of my mouth, don’t doubt it. If I say you are blessed, take it. You see you, there shall be no struggle. You are moving from sorrow to Joy. Jeremiah 32:27, Matthew 19:26,
All your enemies will kill themselves except if they repent, you will see them fighting themselves. The Lord will trouble your enemies, you are coming out of sorrow today. Psalms 40:1, 124:7, Isaiah 43:13.

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