How God changed my story and blessed me beyond measure.


Bro Innocent Egbo who joined Chosen in 2016 mounted the testimony rostrum with enormous joy. He’s one of the beneficiaries of the last version of this program #SORROWTOJOY2018 and he’s still basking in joy after one year of God’s Great Visitation.

Our brother attended the program and there he made a special request unto God. He asked for a better Job as his current job at that time didn’t give him room to attend all the programs of the Chosen at his place of residence (United Kingdom).
There in the program, the G.O made mention of his case and made a declaration concerning that. Two months later, as he got back to London, God visited him and changed Job for him. The job he now has came with an 80% increase in salary and enough time to serve the Lord as he desires.

Secondly, last year — 2018, the G.O called for partnership pledges from the congregation. Our brother decided to join those keying into the partnership and pledged the sum of N50,000 every month. He was faithful to this pledge and kept to it going for a longtime, that same year, he received a great turn around in his business. He now owns a phone distribution company in the UK.

However, before he received the intervention, he was almost put out of business by other competitors. They successfully bid for phones from their major suppliers while he had to go through rigorous procedures before being supplied the goods.

 Now, things have turned around and the same company that made him go through a lot of stress to get goods now supplies him with so much ease.
Infact, they supply him with excess phones to sell. With this current status, he now had to seek for more channels of distribution for his goods. He prayed concerning this and asked God to connect him.
According to his request, God provided him with more channels of distribution. The whole business has been completely turned around; today he can say he’s been blessed greatly by God.

Indeed, only God can do this.

Praise the Lord!

Photo Credit: Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.



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