Delivered From Cultism

Delivered From Cultism

Our God greatest delight and concern is to change men’s lives, transform them from the kingdom of darkness into His dear Kingdom of Light. God has validated this concern of His in this ministry by extending His love and salvation to men who were termed unworthy. The testimony below is one of such.

Bro Nwado Anayo from Costain Marvelous Branch here in Lagos, who joined Chosen in November, 2018 is thanking God for delivering him from the bondage of cultism.

His Testimony:
I want to thank God for delivering me from cultism. I was initiated to a cult in 2015, in the village. We were into smoking cigarette, India hemp, drinking alcohol, human blood and causing havoc. As God may have it, I came to Lagos in 2018 and someone gave me a Chosen handbill, invited me to the church. I came to the church on 18th November 2018, on a Sunday service.

Our G.O preached against cultism and smoking and asked that we burn their properties. I went home and burn their properties. Afterwards, I became afraid because they told us that whosoever burns their properties, they will cut off his hands. However, our G.O mentioned my case on Thursday deliverance service and the fear disappeared. I am now a chosen member. I have nothing with cultism again.

My advice to youths is not to engage in cult activities, there is no life there.

Praise the LORD.



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