Pastor’s Prayer For The New Month

Pastor’s Declaration For The New Month

 Dear Chosen Ones, I joyfully welcome you all to the second month of the year, the Month of February in Secular Calendar and Month of Fabulous Blessing in the ‘Chosen Calendar’.

Holy Brethren, We are very grateful unto this God who has ushered us in to the Month of Fabulous Blessing in The Lord’s Chosen Calendar.  The Month of Fabulous Blessings as the name depicts is a period when the Lord ushers His people into great and uncommon blessings. What makes the blessings of this period fabulous is that the blessings cover every area of life – health, job, career, marriage, academics, business, career, etc. It means that every area of your life shall be characterized by God’s blessings.

~ In this month of Fabulous Blessing, get set for unlimited blessings, God shall bless you in an unquantifiable dimension – materially, spiritually, maritally, career-wise and business-wise in Jesus name.

~ The power of God’s spoken word must find expression in your life and destiny this month, in Jesus name.

~ You shall never arrive late for your blessings this month in Jesus name.

~ Every diversionary tactics of the devil against your blessings shall be halted in Jesus name.

~ Every insult of the enemies in your life shall be canceled in Jesus name.

~ New doors of opportunity shall be opened for you, men that matters shall identify with you and honour you in Jesus name.

~ You and your entire household shall experience good health. You will not spend your hard earned income in the hospital in Jesus name.

~ Your children shall excel in their academics, those children causing you sorrow shall receive deliverance – they shall bring joy into your families in Jesus name.

~ Contracts and favour from all angle is coming your way in Jesus name.

~ Barren wombs shall conceive, many of you shall marry – wife and husband of your choice shall be given to you in Jesus name.

~ You shall be promoted in your place of work in Jesus name.

If you shall walk with God in righteousness this month, many more surprising blessings shall be your portion in Jesus’ Name!

Happy New Month Brethren!

Don’t forget our great International Crusade, Titled: #SORROWTOJOY2019 slated for Sat 9th & Sun 10th February, 2019. It is coming massively and all you problems shall turn to joy in Jesus name.




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