How God Of Chosen Recovered A Lady From A Dreaded Ritual Den

How God Of Chosen Recovered A Lady From A Dreaded Ritual Den.

Before the emergence of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, people were not bold enough to challenge armed robbers, ritual killers, kidnappers, hired assassains, native doctors, etc. But, as this church came on board, events changed hands because of the Covenant of Peace and protection our beloved Daddy in the Lord, Pastor Lazarus Mouka have with God. Also, because of the Unique Power and Authority God imbued the church with.

Now, on the testimony;
It has been a usual testimony since the inception of this end time most populated, revival and soul winning Church, the Lord’s Chosen have recorded several cases of many who were delivered from the dreaded ritual dens just at declaring themselves, “I Am A Chosen three good times”, as instructed by the General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

Evidences of this declaration and other testimonies of related cases have been constantly shared at the weekly, monthly, annual and duo-dated events of this great Commission and encomiums have been returned severally to God by men and women of Goodwill after hearing this striking testimonies from the testimony podium. Many who are downtrodden and ridden with sorrows of this life have always received hopes after listening and claiming this special testimonies from the testifiers.

Such testimony was shared by Bro Emmanuel Okezie who joined Chosen in 2003 in Lagos State.
  He mounted the testimony rostrum singing with mellifluous voice, “God of Chosen have turned my sorrows to Joy”
He said if you look at him, you will see that he’s very happy standing in the midst of the brethren to thank God for what He has done in his family.
Our brother narrated what God of Chosen did for him thus;

It was on Sunday, 13th of January 2019 around 6am, that her niece — Sister Kelechi, who travelled home for Christmas got missing on her way to Ikeduru in Imo State, precisely at Attah Junction, she went out with her little brother on a bike to get a bread they will use at home that early morning.
It happened that she gave the little boy with her money to go get the bread for her while she was standing at a spot waiting for the little boy to come and meet her.
She turned her back only to see men on the bike stopped, covered her eyes with evil handkerchief and whisked her away.
That was all my niece could remember happening to her at that time.
When the little boy came back to that spot, he couldn’t fathom what the condition was but he went home only to tell his people that her sister entered bike and left for home.
This abnormal condition kept disturbing their family as to why she didn’t report home since three days and the worst was that her mobile phone was switched off for three good days also.

Our brother was in his house that very Thursday morning as he was also preparing to come to Church to mark the end of a three day fasting and prayer tagged “Go up to Bethel” in Chosen Revival Ground Ijesha, that faithful day when he received a terrible and terrifying phone calls from his village that her niece has not been seen for good three days.
Our brother quickly rushed to Church and made supplication to God of the Chosen in that special Programme.
Immediately our G.O mounted the podium, he spotted the case and made a warm declaration saying “that person looking for someone, he’s giving us three days to see them in Jesus name”.
I claimed the declaration by faith and on one faithful day just after the declaration, I was in my room on Saturday morning when I heard a knock on my door, I moved toward the door and opened it only to behold my niece at the door.
Immediately my wife who was in the Church praying called to know the situation of things but I told her to come home that my niece is at home now.
When she came, my niece was unable to talk nor recognize any person.
She was unconscious at that moment.
We took her to a nearby hospital but the doctors on operation said she can’t be attended t

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