Hallelujah, The Lord’s Chosen Is 16 Today.

Hallelujah, The Lord’s Chosen Is 16 Today.

Born in a rustic environment of 13 Odunaike Street, Ilasamaja, Lagos State, December 23rd, 2002, young Chosen was not born with any spoon: golden, silver or wooden. But, through dint of Divine Enablement and Grace, she became a household name, found her way to practically all the continents of the world.

The Almighty God has used the Pastor of the Lord’s  Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries – Pst Lazarus Muoka and our beloved Mummy in the Lord – Mummy Joy N. Mouka, to return lost glory to the Church of Christ. The glory of the Church is to make, Heaven at Last.

In a world where people stand on the popular side or the take the convenient path, The Lord’s Chosen refused to follow suit, she deployed the instrumentality of the Scriptures, she stands for both holiness and prosperity; faith and righteousness; signs and wonders as well as Soul-winning but never standing for one at the the expense of the other. For her, the Gospel must serve all purposes, without prejudice to primordial interests or sentiments. She believe that starving people of some aspects is tantamount to Spiritual kwashiorkor, and eventual death. She came like a breeze of fresh air on hot Harmattan day.

In a world swarming with all kinds of hypocrites, sycophants and merchants, who blend with the winning crowd, you always know where The Lord’s Chosen stands and where you stand with her. Having a unique visions and mandate, she is undaunted in following it up to the later.

As she grew in stature, her enemies grew in envy. Yet she brushed aside their vitriol and falsehood. Countless frivolous attention-seeking petitions which reached its apogee in 2013 failed to distract her. She responded to them whenever she had to in the call of her duty. She was a great communicator, not because she studied Mass Communication but because she had a great message to communicate and she knew how to use words and gestures to uplift and inspire.

Sixteen years down the line, The Lord’s Chosen has done extremely well, rising from obscurity and excruciating counterattacks into fame, exploits and prosperous acclaim. Sinners in their million have been saved. The sicks have been healed. Barrenness of many years were crushe. Last year – 2017, God used our beloved Daddy to raise the hope of one family who have been barren for 32 years, they were blessed with 2 bouncing baby boys. Also, on September 5th 2017, God used our daddy to CANCEL RECESSION which the country has been in. Isn’t God wonderful?

To be candid, we’ve lost counts of the great wonders of this Great God. We are saying, “It is only God that can do this in this short frame of time.

A number of persons have become polygamists because they want to deliver responsibility; others have become Cultists and Ritualists because they want to deliver responsibility;  some have become liars and criminals because they wish to deliver responsibility; others are initiated by consent and some without consent in an effort to deliver responsibility. If all these aforementioned classes of people should perish without repentance, their abode will be hell fire.
The General Overseer of the Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries has demonstrated in these 16 years under God, that the power to live right, succeed and yet make heaven at the end of this life, is in Christ Jesus. By the mercy of God, through the ministrations of the Pastor of the LORD’S CHOSEN, men have deciphered the pattern to adopt and thereby qualify for the rapture of the Saints.
In the Church of Christ today, Heaven has become real and there are substantial evidence to prove.

On this occasion of the 16th anniversary of the Lord’s Chosen, we thank God for the very big treasure given to all the Chosen People in this Ministry and beyond. Your servant, our Pastor is a great gift to mankind. We pray and ask that you grant unto him, the grace and garment of unchangeable priesthood in Jesus name.

Brethren and our well wishers, jo

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