All You Need To Know About Mgbidi 2019 Crusade

All You Need To Know About Mgbidi 2019 Crusade


“MGBIDI”, literally speaking, is the Igbo word for wall. By meaning “wall”, the word “Mgbidi” could also be extended to mean somewhere on a very high altitude; probably on the top of a hill or mountain or what have you. Invariably, it can be referred to as “Mountain Top”.

However, it happens to be the name of the town where Oru West, a local government area of Imo State in southeastern. It is located at latitude 5.37° N and longitude 6.57° E. It was the headquarters of the Oru Local Government Area before its division into two local government areas, Oru West and Oru East, in 1996 under the presidency of Sani Abacha. Mgbidi is in the oil rich Njaba River sub-basin alongside Oguta, Imo State.


Mgbidi is the annual spiritual exercise by The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries. The annual event is a fulfillment of God’s word in Micah 4: 1; “But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; and people shall flow unto it.”

Held at the beginning of the year, the event afforded worshippers the opportunity to worship, pray to, and receive from God as the year begins.

Little wonder that the General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka had said that, “Almost the whole world are converging at Mgbidi and we are going to experience what we have not been experiencing before because God will be coming down in His power mightier than ever before and He is going to fulfill His prophecies concerning that place because He said, in the last days the mountain of the Lord shall be established on top of the mountains and all nations shall flow into it. That mountain is this ministry and the Mgbidi crusade venue is the physical mountain where we gather every year and when we come there, all problems are taken away and that makes it unique.“

When the General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, made the above statement some time ago, many thought it was a mission impossible. Today, however, God has honoured that word.

There was no doubt therefore that the town often see an incredible overflow of human and vehicular stream of traffic. The large expanse of land covering over five hundred hectares were filled by worshipers who where determined and committed to having fellowship with God.

At the 2018 edition of Mgbidi crusade, the number of countries that graced the event was gathered to be above 100. Since its inception, the crusade has been recording a giant increase in every successive edition. Separate reports from Vanguard and The Sun Newspapers put the number of worshipers who were at the 2018 edition of the crusade at 3.5 million.


Since inception, miracles, signs and wonders are common from Day One to the end of the program with countless testimonies, be it at the live venue or at remote locations across the globe via chosen TV and even on church social media handles. It’s been such that there has always not been enough time to share the testimonies of miracles, as the custom of the commission gives every testifier few minutes to share what God has done for them.

The Chose Online Revivalists department tries as much as possible  to capture some of the testimonies, but most are unaccounted for as the programme is attended by millions of people across the globe both online and offline.

The sick, including the lame, the blind, the paralysed, the deaf and dumb received healing. No doubt, miracles and deliverances have been in abundance. There have been healings from illnesses such as HIV, cancer, glaucoma, diabetes, asthma, spinal cord injury, pneumonia, deliverance from; spiritual attacks, death, barrenness freedom from; poverty, addictions, delay in marriage etc. The weak have been made strong, the oppressed have been set free, salvation have been granted to many and there have been great Holy Ghost impartation by divine prayers and words from the General Overseer.

There have been several out of the ordinary testimonies of what God has been doing in the lives of the people in Mgbidi crusade and that would take a universe of pages to exhaust. However, a bit would suffice.

One was shared by a young woman, Mrs. Osamudiame Omoregbe, 36, who came from Benin, Edo State. She had been a prostitute for about 15 years, but when she heard God’s word, she gave her life to Christ and at the crusade, she shared God’s goodness and how God blessed her with a husband. This, to her, is the reward of obeying Him.

Narrating how she became a prostitute, Mrs. Omoregbe, who would soon be a mother, said her schoolmate introduced her into the business. Said she: “It was all due to lack of care, food and money. Even while I was in the secondary school, my father refused to pay our school fees. Instead, he told us to go and get married. That was why I went into prostitution. In the process, I started smoking, drinking, going to nightclubs and committing abortion.

“I have never been to a church before in my life. But somehow, a friend took me to the Lord’s Chosen Church in 2012, where we attended the new comers class. That particular Wednesday, when I heard our General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka preached, I gave my life to Christ. Little did I know that the Lord is so good.

“I am so happy today because most of my friends that were in the same profession with me then are dead, while the others have different stories to tell. I discovered this when I went to the hotel in Benin to preach repentance to them. My family was mocking me, but I thank God that they are now in Chosen and one of them attended this programme. God of Chosen delivered me and thereafter gave me a husband in 2014.”

Another was shared by Mr. Ethelbert Agworamba and his wife, Deborah. They had lived together without a child for 15 years, and according to them, the trauma was so much that the woman was asked to sleep with another man in order to produce a child for her husband. But she refused. It was at the crusade that they came with a miracle child named Nmachukwu (God’s goodness) and their testimony moved the crowd to tears.

Two persons who were tested positive to the dreaded Acquired Deficiency Syndrome, HIV/AIDs, Mr. Sunday Igwebuike and Mrs. Ikwunze Nma were among those who gave testimony before thousands of worshipers that they have been healed of the deadly diseases after prayer sessions at the crusade.

With tears rolling down his cheeks, Igwebuike said he had lived with the deadly virus for almost a decade but he was shocked when his doctor gave him a clean bill of sound health that he is now negative: “it was a huge shock for me when the doctor gave me a report indicating that I’m now negative. I remembered that it was during the prayers session supervised by the General Overseer that I felt that something evil left me. The pastor specifically rebuked the HIV/AIDs disease and asked any of us who was positive to go for check up again. This is the Lord’s doing and I give glory to him.” He said.

Flaunting her doctor’s latest report that confirmed that she is no longer HiV/AIDs positive, Ikwunze said: “This is beyond human understanding. And it is only God that can do this. I’m no longer positive of the killer disease after prayers by the G.O. Glory to the name of God.”


As declared by God’s servant, the General Overseer of the church, the theme for Mgbidi  2019 is “WHAT GOD HAS DETERMINED SHALL BE DONE” and the date is Thursday Jan 3rd to Sunday Jan 6th, 2019. The man of God, the General Overseer has assured that every participant at Mgbidi 2019 Crusade shall have definite encounters with God for their supernatural change of story.


Expectations of the people are very high in this year’s version.
We’re expecting triple of last year’s attendees to grace the 2019 version.
Over these years, we’ve held the Programme in Mgbidi, population of people have always increased so high affirming the fulfilment of God’s word that I will build my Church on a solid rock and the gates of hell including that of the walls of Jericho shall not prevail against it.
With this later development, we’re expecting God to use his servant more than he has always does and to speak to the problems of his Chosen ones through him.

As the world are expecting much from Mgbidi 2019; arrangements are also ongoing to launch us to that era of grace where all impossibilities becomes possible and now is the acceptable time.
Just keep preparing and you won’t regret doing so.

The expectations of the children of God can’t be cut short not even the Chosen seed will be forgotten when the roll is called up yonder.

Are you in any part of the world, in Nigeria and you’re anticipating God to visit you and make you smile to next year; start now to make hay while the sun shines and see yourself transported through the available means to this epoch making annual event of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries and our God will do you good.

In this program, the sick shall be healed, the lame shall walk, all manner of disease shall be dealt with. There shall be salvation, Sanctification, Holy Ghost Baptism, Deliverance, healing and lots more.


The spiritual exercise is scheduled to hold at Chosen International Secondary School, Mgbidi, Imo state from January 3rd – 6th, 2019.

Some participants make themselves available at the crusade ground days to the event. The spiritual exercise is also transmitted via satellite and streamed via the social media.

To ensure everyone enjoys the most of the crusade, the church authorities have made concrete transportation arrangements by ensuring that vehicles would be at headquarters of the church in the 36 states of Nigeria and Abuja at an affordable Price.
For those  who’re coming from outside country no matter the country you’re in, you can make a request for our foreign mission department in charge of Mgbidi to send you  an Invitation Letter  through this foreign missions e-mail address: requesting for an invitation letter to participate in this year’s Mgbidi Crusade.
There are Church buses available in Nigeria airport  to convey our participants from  the airport to the crusade ground Imo State.
Hotel accommodation, feeding arrangements and all other logistics have been made available in the Crusade ground for your comfort all for free.

You can as well contact the Foreign Mission  Pastors in charge of the Crusade arrangements through this number for registration and enquiries:
Pastor Ifeanyi: 0806 213 0041


In addendum to the aforementioned, series of live streaming gadgets of International Standard have been procured by the Church management to enable people who are not at the Crusade venue to feel the breeze and in turn be blessed from wherever they may be watching from.

You can watch this year’s Programme via our Social Media handles @,,, through the Chosen Revival Television (CRTV) and Chosen Television.
Publicities will always be continually shown on the NTA, and some other Media Agencies in Nigeria on approval of the Church as a means of publicity.
Chosen Online Revivalist Media Team will also be standby to update you on all the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube e. t. c
There will also be divine acrobatic displays from the Evangelical Department of this Church which will be coming to you in motorcades, Horse rides, land craft, Land boat   display and some other means before and during crusade within Nigeria as means of advertisements and creating awareness.
These when achieved and implemented will go a very long way to sending signals about this special and interesting must attend Programme.


Pastor Goddy:
 08039166668 or 08034112847.
 Pastor Chidi: 08187839079

The official Hashtag for the Mgbidi 2019 is #MGBIDI2019


Submitted by the Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crew, International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.

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