Man Begs God To Close His Wife’s Womb After 6 Children

Man Begs God To Close His Wife’s Womb After 6 Children 

Apostle Igboanugo Ugochukwu is the senior pastor of his own church based in Lagos. He is at the International headquarters of The Lord’s Chosen together with his family to share his testimony. His wife has a history with strange illness which usually cause miscarriage anytime she conceive. This resulted to their inability to have a child– a condition that lasted for three years.  He then came to Chosen in search of remedy and, to the glory of God, the yoke got broken and children started coming forth. God
blessed him with six children in quick succession. What is more is that the children all came in uncontrollable manner to the utmost amazement of the parents. He is therefore in Chosen today to offer what he called a ‘Peace Offering’ through which he intend to use to appease and beg God to put a final halt to the womb of his wife.

Hear him:

“I am Apostle Igboanugo Ugochukwu by name. With me on the podium is my wife in the person of Sis Grace and the rest are my kids. I reside at No. 22, Matthew Street, Omojuwn Estate, Mile 12, Lagos. I came to Chosen through the invitation of a brother, and my purpose of making that step was because of what doctor said concerning my wife after diagnosis (medical test). It was confirmed by the doctor that my wife has 7 different infections and that my humble self has low sperm-count and that all these would make it difficult for us to have a baby.

On my visit to Chosen, the G.O announced that “From Sorrow to Joy” crusade would be coming forth. I was in the program and in the process, I sowed a seed. And in the course of his ministrations that day, the pastor mentioned my case and that there was a young man in the congregation that has been crying and yearning for a child. I prayed in that line and broke the yoke. After that day, my life changed for good and the door of blessing was opened for me.

“The first happened the Sunday after that Sunday. I was informed that a niece of mine won a car in a promotion. With only a Fifty Naira registration, a brand new car was given to her. Two days after that, my wife was confirmed pregnant by the doctor, and that pregnancy brought about our first baby– a girl. We were still in the mood of the celebration when she was confirmed pregnant again. To the glory of God, another baby girl came forth. Soon after that, speculation became widespread that we do not have a male child. I then returned back to The Lord’s Chosen and prayers was made by the pastor as in the first case. It was not long after that we were blessed with a son. And the blessings continued endlessly with children upon children. In all, we now have a set of three boys and three girls.

“During the  gestation period of  of my last child, someone cut out some portion of the wrapper of my child for diabolical purpose. I understand that the battle is not a mere one and we took  the case to God in The Lord’s Chosen. A miracle happened after that and she saw our G.O appear to her in the dream and told her to touch her stomach with his which she did.

“And during her delivery, her placenta was discovered to have cut into pieces but we wondered how the baby was still alive. It was then that we understand that the challenge was a fallout of the wrapper which was mutilated but the angel of our G.O literally sustained the foetus with his own womb. All these miracles are courtesy of the God of Chosen.

Please permit me to share a revelation I have about The Lord’s Chosen. In a revelation, I saw a white man driving bulldozer and asking the people to go to Chosen for the rapture is about to take place. I was then wondering whether the G.O has sent a white man to do publicity but the white man continued with his announcement. I then saw group of people in different cars who started coming to the scene while the white man was still resilient in his announcement. I then saw that our G.O became the governor of Lagos State in that revelation and soldiers surrounded him and our G.O gave them order to destroy churches. I then inquired the reason for the destruction and was meant to understand that those churches are found with evil foundation and that they are fake churches. As I tried to enter into one of those churches, I was told not to do so because the operation was still ongoing and that after the operation he can enter. After the operation, his own church and house was preserved/ saved.”

Praise the Lord!

Photo Credit: Lagos State Online Revivalist Media Crew.

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