From A Pauper To A Millionaire And Glaucoma Operation Cancelled:

From A Pauper To A Millionaire And Glaucoma Operation Cancelled:

Extracted from God of Miracles Crusade #Nnewi2018

The God of Chosen left Nnewi 14years ago with indelible remarks of His wonders; He also revisited the land few days ago with greater miracles. He was busy doing miracles in the lives of many attendees who came in contact with Him in one way or the other.

Bro Prince Chidi from Otolo in Nnewi who was among the beneficiaries of His first visit, is still basking in the euphoria of that visit. He was transformed automatically from GRASS to GRACE, PAUPER to MILLIONAIRE.

Read his testimony below and see reasons to fear this God afresh;

By the Special grace of the Almighty God, my name is Bro Prince Chidi and I hails from Otolo in Nnewi, Anambra State.
I am thanking God for changing my life from the world of poverty to the world of affluence. It was in 2004 that The Lord’s Chosen held their Crusade in Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria. It happened that there was scarcity of fuel within the Crusade Venue, but as a Chief Security Officer (C.S.O) of “Capital Oil Nig Ltd” One of the Oil Magnates. Before then, I wasn’t a Chosen but I saw the situation the Drivers of the Chosen buses were passing through and decided to help the Chosen buses to get fuel from our fuel station.

With this kind gesture that I did, one of the Chosen brother took my contact and made arrangement for me to meet with the G.O of The Lord’s Chosen. I was offered the sum of #14,000 from the Church management which I declined and requested that the G.O should pray for me. I was expecting a heavy prayer from our G.O but surprisingly, our G.O laid his hand on me and ask me to go.

Accordingly, after that prayer, my life took another shape. My boss called me, gave me a miracle Passport and visa to travel to London for a course. Still that same year, me that never entered air craft in my life, travelled to United Kingdoms three (3) times that year. The next year, I travelled to USA two good consecutive times.

Notwithstanding, while I was in UK, I was diagnosed of glaucoma “an eye disease that is defined as a characteristic neuropathy which if not treated leads to the damage of the optic disc of the eye and resultant blindness”, which prompted the foreign doctors to book operation for me. But I remembered that I had the contact of our G.O. I called our G.O, he prayed for me and cancelled the operation.  To my greatest surprise, I came back to the hospital, after the whole check ups, they cancelled the operation and asked me to go. Two other black people who had a similar case with me in the hospital were booked for the surgery, same was done on them but today they are both blind.

Finally, I’m thanking God for changing my story, making me a millionaire, buying me a free car of my choice. God of Chosen broke the yoke of poverty in my life, blessed my two (2) daughters and gave them husbands of their choice. To God Almighty who’s the author of these Miracles, may all glory be ascribed to Him, in Jesus name.

Chosen Praise The Lord!

Jesus is Lord!


From the Stables of Chosen Online Media Crew.

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