The God Of Miracles – Part 1 (By Pst Lazarus Muoka)

The God Of Miracles – Part 1 (By Pst Lazarus Muoka) 


MINISTER: Pastor Lazarus Mouka

TOPIC: The God Of Miracles (Part 1)

Text: Matthew 19: 26-28; Genesis 1:1-3

Our Father in Heaven is an embodiment of miracles, He is full of miracles. His ways are not the ways of men. Romans 11:33. The things man can do are limited but with God all things are possible. Our God is a mysterious God, He doesn’t work by what He sees. 2 Kings 7:1

What no man can do, God will always do it. He created us to be like Him but because of  pleasure, they were deceived. Genesis 1: 26-28. God is not a man, therefore He cannot be limited. He created us to be like that (to do miracles) to be like Him but because of sin, man fell. But as a child of God, you can be like Him. Philippians 4:13. As God has no limitation, we can all do things through Him. Acts 3:1:9.

POINT 1. Miracles Of God And Reasons.
Everything that God did in old and new testament is a miracle. He created everything by the word of His mouth and it’s also a miracle.  Genesis 1:1-10. So He spoke everything into existence according to John 1:1.

God used Noah as a demonstration of miracle by using the ark to show the world that He is God. He also used Joseph in the land of Egypt from prison to Prime minister. God also used Moses into Pharoah to do miracles.  Psalm 105:26:43.  Consider also His doings with the prophets of old.

Remember, God has manifested His power through His servants. God used Elijah for miracle by making iron to swim. All the great men that serve God also performed miracles.

POINT 2. Our Lesson, Response And Benefit.
Seeing that our God is a miraculous God, we must believe God at all times. Malachi 3:6, Matthew 19:26. Our confidence in Him will make us do great exploits and miracles in our life and it must surly come to pass. Mark 9:23, Mark 11;22, Matthew 4:22-24.


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