Discover, Develop, Determine And Deliver. By Pastor Ifeanyi Ibekwe

Discover, Develop, Determine And Deliver. By Pastor Ifeanyi Ibekwe


DATE: 25/08/2018


TEXT: Jere 1: 5-7, Prov 18:16, Matt 6:33

Every youth is a genius of a kind. Your emergence in life is a function of whom you are, what you carry and whom you are associated with. (John 15 :1-5)

No human being was born empty every one of us has a deposit of God in him or her and all the deposits are for definite purposes in life. Prov 18:16, Every deposit or gift of God in you makes you unique and special and only you can express it. So, you are a miracle waiting to happen. Prov 17:8. Many of us here in no distant time like Joseph will turn up to become president, Governors, Ministers, great Pastors, Ministers of God, Bankers, Architects, Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors and other professionals, Apprentice, Secondary school, university. I hear a shout of a King among us. It is unfortunate that many are despondent, confused, limited, stagnant ,impoverished and enslaved because they fail to take bold steps towards a life of distinction but a proper application of these 4Ds by any youth will hand in THE KEYS ro UNLOCK GREAT FUTURE.

DISCOVER: (meaning) Get to know or become aware of, learn, find out etc. Your future and all that life holds for you is first in God (Matt 6:33, John 15:1-5) and until you discover God, your future and destiny is in danger. John 10:1
Secondly, in you and inside you so your journey to fulfilment and brighter future begins from the inside out and anyone who seeks to make head way in life must make the following discovery along this line:-

-Who am I? After your salvation in Christ, there is need for a youth to discover his or her uniqueness – what makes you different from others, these could be traits, identity (physical and spiritual) peculiarities, gifts, talent prov18:16-17

– Why am I here? No one exists empty or without a purpose- you have a destiny and a purpose to fulfil in life. Despite your vocation, God has handed over the three fold visions and ten billion souls mandate to change and transform lives- Mark 16:15

– Where am I going? You must understand that in the journey of life, if you don’t know where you are going ,you will also end nowhere. Many do not know their destination- your dream and destiny is a guide.

-How can I get there? There is a path to walk and a price to pay – Obedience to the word Of God and his servants, our General Pastor, and other pastors trained by him will bring you to your talents, gifts and destiny. Psalm 23:1-3
No man is important even many physically challenged individuals have proved that there is ability in disability. Hellen Keller, Vijucic etc have proved that in every person is a gift, talent, ability, strength etc.

DEVELOP: Grow, produce, get acquire build up, progress, unfold- Whatever you discover in your life must be harnessed, cultivated, nurtured, increased and developed. To develop, look at these lines-

I) Develop in righteousness/ character (2 Tim 2:20, Isaiah 32:17, John 8:29, John 3:5, Matt 6:33
(ii) Develop in the word – Ezek 31:4
(iii) Develop in your environment; where you work – Isaiah 60:1
(iv) Develop in competence
(v) Develop a learning culture/ keep upgrading
(vi) Develop in leveraging partners or Associates
(vii) Volunteer in area of your passion and competence
(viii) Develop in team work.

DETERMINE: Reach, make, or come to decision about something, decide ,and  make up one’s mind- On you path to distinction and a brighter future, there abounds many challenges but your resolve to succeed out of all that life throws at you is what sets you apart and positions you for an extra ordinary life. It is important to note that challenges make a great youth – Judges 14;14 , Rom 8:28, Gen 50:20 Rom 8:31, 1 Pet 3:13, 1 John 5:18. I have learnt how to consecrate, desecration. 2 Chronicles 27:6, Deut 30:15, 19

DELIVER: Cause to be born, give birth, bear, birth, have, pass down, bring to a destination. The worst thing that can happen to any youth is to have opportunity to deliver, but fails to deliver. It is better to be prepared to deliver and have no opportunity than to have opportunity and discover that you are not prepared. It is imperative to know that determination brings patience and patience experience. We deliver experience to the church and the world at large (Rom 5:3-5. 1 John 1:1-3)

Champions are also known for prompt, decisive and optimum actions.
The above will be a reality if you commit to contributions and serving God, humanity and having at the back of your mind the need to make heaven at last, achieve integrity and excellence towards delivery of all that is written concerning you in Jesus Name Amen.


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