Live A Good Youthful Life, Mummy Joy Muoka Urges The Youths.

Live A Good Youthful Life, Mummy Joy Muoka Urges The Youths. 


Text: 1 Peter 5:8, 1 John 2:15, John 15:4.

Topic: Living a Good Youthful Life/Keys to a Brighter Future.

Speaker: Mummy Joy Muoka.

   On behalf of our General Overseer, I welcome all of us to this 2018 International Youths Programme titled “Keys to a Brighter Future”

I am very delighted with the theme of this year’s International Youths Programme. It is not good to make a wrong choice as a youth because such youth will have Himself or Herself to blame. You shouldn’t allow yourselves to be blown away by the ugly situation going on in the world as youths. Such things includes; watching pornographic movies, following bad friends, facebooking abnormally, sexual relationship and things that attracts immorality which do not allow for spiritual growth but leads to hell fire. Not paying full attention to the message when you come to church, doing other things while the message is going on. People who do not believe in the life of Jesus Christ have ended up in hell and such youth will continue to blame someone for his or her difficulties in life. One can ruin his or her future because they do not abide under the principles of God. Many youth have devised to go into the other way just to satisfy the things of this life. Many have become useless in life because of their cravings to be recognized, too many initiated in various Occultic kingdoms online and in reality. The example I love is that of Timothy and Daniel in the Bible. 2nd Timothy 1:5; Timothy was gifted in many things, also like Paul, he was a distinguished fellow of the gospel and God used them to do so many exploits. You must know the pre-requisite as a youth which is holiness and righteousness, having the fear of God thereby promoting the righteousness which is required to live a brighter future.

    Also through prayers, you will be able to escape the snares of the devil, the bible enjoins us to pray as youths because a “prayerless youth is a powerless youth”
  The Bible requires that we empower our spirit through prayers and evangelism as a youth. When we obey these spiritual injunctions, we seek for that brighter future. What we make of today, will determine our future as youths.
As youths, our life is determined by those legacies we set in our youthful days. Do also remember that today’s generation will soon pass by, it is only the youth that will take over from where we will stop should Christ tarry, we should make our ways very pure in the eyes of God to be found worthy to great things when we will receive our keys to yet another brighter future.

We are very glad to receive these youths from across the globe to this year’s outstanding International Youths Programme.

Do stay with us as we anticipate that glorious moment when the youth shall be the rulers of the world. Thanks as we all rejoice together to pray for all the Youths worldwide.

Chosen is blessed!

Jesus is Lord!

#KTABF2018 DAY 2


Submitted by Chosen Online Media Crew, International Headquarters, cLagos, Nigeria.

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