How Bullet Reversed 🔀 And Killed Gunman Who Shot At Me On Declaring Myself A Chosen.

How Bullet Reversed 🔀 And Killed Gunman Who Shot At Me On Declaring Myself A Chosen.

Wow! It has continued thriving in the daily testimonies of the Lord’s Chosen Church, cases of armed robbers who shot on Chosen after declaring themselves to be one according to the commandments of the General Overseer of this great movement, but bullets couldn’t penetrate.
Such case was today recounted again as our Brother Ugochukwu Ugbo from Ichi Regional Headquarters of the Lord’s Chosen Church, Anambra State Headquarters testified of God saving him from the armed men who nearly caught his life untimely.

Hear his testimony and see reasons why you need to fear this God Afresh;

Yes, by the special Grace of God, my name is Brother Ugochukwu Ugbo, I worship at Ichi Regional Headquarters, Anambra State.
It happened that I sustain and earn a living from my Motor and taxi business.
 Last month, a Friend of mine who’s into same driving business with me called me for a Job that would be anchored at Ibadan, as colleagues we agreed to meet at Onitsha head bridge for the commencement of the journey. I got there at about  8pm in the night. So, I waited for him from that 8pm to half past 10pm in the night.

Unfortunately for this my friend, his car broke down on his way to Head bridge where I was waiting patiently for him.

So, he called and told me to embark on the journey only myself since his car became a thorn in his flesh by developing fault even when he least expected it.

I took off, on getting to Ibadan toll gate, I saw team of armed men robbing the road users that very night at about 2am.
On seeing them, I shouted Jesus and, I declared myself a Chosen once not even thrice as always commanded by our Big Daddy in the Lord. The gang leader wielding an AK47 gun came to me and shot my windscreen.
Lo and behold, the bullet reversed and killed this young man instantly.
When his colleagues saw what the God of Chosen did, all of them took to their heels leaving his remains at Ibadan expressway.

That was how God saved my life from the hands of these hoodlums.

I therefore return all encomiums to this only good God who saved me from the robbery bandits.

Chosen Praise the Lord!

Submitted by Chosen Online Media Crew, International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.



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