Youth International Programme 2018

Youth International Programme 2018

Another great awakening Youth programme is around the corner. This time around, it is coming in a massive way and the Lord Himself has decided to appear to the youth with the theme;

With the trend of events around the world nowadays, we have seen that the devil has shortchanged so many youths and deprived them of what rightfully belongs to them. He displays fake splendor attracting these young ones and end up in frustrating them. Their future is at a bleak. Taking a cursory look into the lives of these youths, one will see that they are living as servants in the palace of their father, they are wallowing in sin, joining secret cults and many other things that God abhors.

Our God who is Rich in Glory and who have better plans for His lovely children have decided to destroy what the devil has done in the lives of these youths and brighten their future with greatness, excellence, good health, good husbands, good wives, good jobs and every good thing that pertains to life and godliness.
In this programme, there shall be Salvation, Sanctification, Holy Ghost Baptism, Deliverance, Miracle and lots more.
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Jesus Is Lord!
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