Name: Bro Christian Obinna
Joined Chosen in the year 2015.

Our Brother testified on Tuesday Revival hour morning session of how God of Chosen delivered him from the hands of the ritualists on his way to leader’s vigil on Wednesday night after which he planned joining Brethren to travel to Edo State Crusade the following morning. He said on his way to Ijesha, getting to Sanya Bus Stop, he saw a Jeep packed at the road side and immediately two men came out from the Jeep, rushed him inside the Jeep and drove off.

He said he was blind folded and couldn’t recognise his immediate environment, but he immediately remembered who he was, he quickly declared “I AM A CHOSEN” 3times and immediately a voice ministered to him “that the battle is not his but of the Lords” he said not too long the tyres of the Jeep bursted and the car stopped over.

It was at that instance that the driver was struggling with car but before then one of the ritualists told them to let him go after he declared whom he was, he said I don’t want this Chosen people wahala but others insisted, while they were still struggling with the Jeep, Angels of the living God who appeared in the uniform and attire of men of the Nigerian Armed Forces on patrol stopped over at the scene and the driver of the Ritualists who was trying to escape was fired dead by the trigger happy armed Angels and the Angels asked them to open the fold used in covering his eyes.

 One of them (the angel in a military apparel) took him across the road and put him on a bike, that was how he was taken to Ijesha that midnight free of charge to the glory of God.

That was how our brother escaped from the purported attack and kidnap from the enemies of Christ Jesus.

This is also in confirmation of our Daddy’s Command to always declare who we are especially whenever we’re confronted with dangers and difficult situations on the way and the dangers will give way immediately without delay.

Chosen Praise the Lord!

Jesus is Lord!

From the Stables of Chosen Online Media Crew, International Headquarters, Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria.


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