The Miracles of God in Chosen cannot be explained in men’s term. He does things that is beyond mortal comprehension. His miracles stands the test of time and they are perfect adding no sorrow with it. A case below had gone beyond human remedy but as the God of this Great Commission swung into action, succor was given to this family. It’s a thing of joy to be enlisted in this family.

Now the testimony;

Bro Alex Omojiade testified that in year 2015, his wife conceived and developed swollen leg.
At first, it was thought to be a normal pregnancy symptom, but even after delivery, the leg kept swelling. Shortly after, the leg bursted and his wife could no longer walk was in excruciating pains.

He then began to move her wife from one specialist to another with no solution in sight.
At some point, the doctors suggested amputating the leg, but they didn’t acquiesce to that. This ailment drained all the family income and even closed down their business.

They finally moved to a hospital near their home, and there the Chosen Evangelical team came visiting, they told our bro that the solution can only be gotten in Chosen and further invited them to crusade in 2015 in Portharcourt

He agreed and conveyed his wife from hospital to the crusade ground. There in the program, the G.O mentioned their case and shortly after, he mounted the pulpit. Immediately his wife started walking, something she hadn’t done in the past 12 years since the sickness started.

She received perfect healing in that crusade and has been using her legs to walk.
The people at the hospital were marveled when they returned and saw her walking.

The testimony didn’t end there, his wife found it difficult to conceive during those 12 years because of load of drugs she took while she was sick.
However, they joined Chosen after that crusade, that yoke was broken and his wife conceived and bore children.
He also mentioned that before now they had lost 3 children to the cold hands of death after delivery.
But after joining Chosen, that yoke also was broken and today they have four children who are alive and healthy.
That yoke of losing children after delivery had been broken by God of Chosen.

Do you have similar case? Yours might be worse than this but one thing is certain. God that has power to do this or that who remembered this family and made their homes to be filled with babies will remember you and make your family rejoice. Cries of babies will be heard in your home in Jesus name.

From the stables of Online Revivalist Media Crew Edo State.



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