How God Miraculously Saved My Child From Drowning In a Well Filled With Water:

Bro Demian Lugbu from Edo State who joined Chosen in 2012 testified of how God of chosen miraculously saved his child who fell into a well filled with water in their resident No 4 Culvert Road, Uromi.

It happened that on that faithful day, his daughter fell into a well and the older child noticed what happened and raised an alarm.
The neighbours rushed to the scene of the incident and miraculously, God suspended the girl in water and she didn’t drown. They were able to rescue her from the well with the use of a ladder.

Secondly, in the year 2013, armed robbers visited his apartment. This happened at 2am, they knocked on the door, his wife enquired to know who was knocking at that time of the night. They responded they were ‘fine boys’. After that response, they forced the door open and came in with their guns.

Immediately, he grabbed the Chosen Apron near him and began declaring ‘I am a Chosen’ thrice, according to our G.O’s instruction each time we’re faced with danger that we should declare that.
The thrives shot their gun at him and his wife, but the gun didn’t respond.

He went after them as they took off. He pursued them and they all ran away.
Upon return from the pursuit, they realized that the robbers had robbed all 13 of their neighbors and even locked them indoors.
His wife opened up all the locked doors and let out all their neighbors.

They observed that the thieves had abandoned the stolen belongings of their neighbors just beside the his doorstep.
As day broke, they went ahead to report the case to Uromi Police station.

Praise the Lord!

From the stables of Online Revivalist Media Crew, Edo State.



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