How God delivered my husband from the recent Plateau attack

How God delivered my husband from the recent Plateau attack: 

Sis Peace and Bro Jude who joined Chosen in the year 2010 and stays in Kofar Sauri Area in Katsina town of Katsina State, Nigeria is appreciating the Lion of the Tribe of Judah for sparing her husband from being killed in the recent and outrageous crisis that happened in Plateau State of Nigeria.

She testified that her husband was in one of the rooms that was set ablaze by the enemies of Jesus Christ, he called the wife and explained in brief the condition he’s presently into and our Sister prayed over it immediately at the feet of our master Jesus Christ and powers as of old, the power that brought down fire from above during the days of Elijah and Prophets of Baal came down and changed the ugly situations.

Hear what happened;

My husband was on his way Plateau State to visit his Cousin who stays in Pankshina in same Plateau State, he saw from afar, smokes that resembles that of a heavy inferno.
He asked the driver to stop over and all of them alighted from the vehicle.
Lo! And Behold! The Fulani Herdsmen were rampaging and burning up to Six (6) Villages inhabited in Plateau State, raising down their houses, burning human being life in their very own eyes.
People including the passengers were running helter skelter seeking for help but unknown to them, the Herdsmen were after the Christians.
It was after looking and seeing what was happening that my husband quickly ran to a nearby Compound to hide himself and the Herdsmen Chased after him.
They said that they’re going to burn the whole compound if they couldn’t capture my husband alive so that he will die in the process of the fire burning everywhere in the Compound.
My husband stayed there singing and crying for God to save him.
They also entered inside the House and killed all the people inside the Compound with my husband watching them from a hidden corner of the House as they thought he’s among the people they just executed.

As my Husband was in that compound, the enemies entered and killed many people, burnt so many alive, burnt cars, vehicles, people’s belongings, not knowing that my husband is still alive.
My husband waited for the situation to calm down and he quickly sneaked out, went through the bushes to avoid being burnt alive as the case of those he saw in his very own very eyes being burnt alive, to the nearest Police Station for security reports.
It was at that moment that he understood that truly he’s a child of the living God, the God of Chosen whom he called while at the emergency scene and hope was instantly granted.
He was after the incident taken home by the Team of Combined Security Force of the Plateau State Police Command.

She’s returning all the glories to the only true God of Chosen whom out of His infinite mercies showed her husband mercies even when he does not deserve it and saved him from an untimely death.

I want to say that Chosen is the Last Bus stop, if not for the wonders and the finger of God in Chosen, my husband would have been counted one of those who died in the Plateau State Crisis.

To God of the Chosen and God of Baba Ijesha who did this, to him be all the glories, adoration, in Jesus name Amen.
Chosen is Blessed!

Jesus is Lord!

Submitted by the Chosen Online Media Crew, Katsina State Headquarters.


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