Proverbs 26:27 says, “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and He that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.”

The above scripture played out in the life of a kidnaper who wanted to snuff life out of our little brother.
Bro Jeremiah Nnamdi flanked by his mother, Sis. Aṅụlịka Nnamdi is appreciating God for saving him from ritual killers. Nnamdi’s mother joined the Lords chosen in 2008.


On 12th of May, 2018, Bro Jeremiah Nnamdi got lost while on an errand. His mother recount that she sent little Bro Nnandi on an errand in their neighborhood at about 9am in the morning. After a Long while, he didn’t return home and the mother became worried as it became obvious something bad had occurred.

When he later came home, he recounted his ordeal in the hands of ritual killers. He said that on the road, he passed by a certain man and greeted this man. The man initially passed him but turned back and hijacked him from behind. Our brother tried to scream, but the man covered his mouth and eyes and he lost consciousness immediately.

Later on, he found himself in the bush with three men surrounding him. One of the men was holding a knife, he pointed it at his chest and attempted to stab and kill him. He declared himself a Chosen three times as instructed by our G O. At first, there wasn’t any reaction but he then remembered to call upon the Power Of God. That moment a force came upon him and as he declared “Where is The God Of My pastors Power?”, the knife being held by the killer turned around and struck the man on his neck.

The Killer began jerking and fell to the ground. When this happened, the other two men ran away including our little brother.

Bro Nnamdi kept moving about the bush not knowing his whereabouts. At some point, he met some people but they didn’t help him find his way.

According to him, a man on black suit saw him and decided to help him. This man directed him till he could recognize the way home. At that point, he looked back and could no longer see the man.
He kept walking on that road till he found his way home.

That was how the God Of Chosen preserved his life from being taken away by the ritual killers. He came back to the house after being lost for several hours. The mother had been ridden with worry that day but God recovered the boy.

Chosen praise the Lord.



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