The Promises and God’s covenant with the Chosen people, not to die  a second before our appointed time were fulfilled in the life of Bro Obinna Nduka who joined Chosen from the start of the ministry in Lagos, Nigeria.
His testimony goes thus;

It happened that sometimes in May, 2017, I embarked on a journey to the eastern part of Nigeria from Lagos. On our way, we had a terrible accident around Benin axis.

A big trailer had a break failure and hit our vehicle from behind.

This impact caused the vehicle to Summersault five times leaving the vehicle upside down.

At this point I lost consciousness and was no longer aware of my immediate environment. It was later when I regained my consciousness that the taxi man who rescued me from the car narrated what transpired to me.

He said that he was coming behind and saw the accident scene, others had all ran away thinking the car was on fire; they were oblivious of the fact that it was actually the car AC that was exuding steam.

He approached the vehicle and heard a faint cry for help coming from me.

He saw me at the back and broke the window glass and pulled me out through that window. He lay me in his taxi and drove to a nearby hospital were first aid and subsequent clinical treatments were given to me. He was also able to rescue another woman, but the other 16 passengers unfortunately died before he could return to the accident scene. That was how God of Chosen used this taxi man to rescue me.

Back at the hospital, while in my unconscious state, I kept hearing a voice telling me “Return back, for I am not yet through with you”.
When I came back to life, I realized I was in a hospital and saw that my legs and ankle bones were all broken and I couldn’t walk.

The taxi man paid for the hospital bills and when I was discharged he took me to Nnewi Orthopaedic Clinic. There I was treated and today I can walk on my own and God has fully restored my body.

I spent about eleven months there but to the glory of God, I am standing here without any support, able to use all my organs to perform daily activities.

I wonder what would have become of me if God hadn’t come to my aid through this good Samaritan.
I therefore return all encomiums unto him, who’s the giver of life for given unto me life without a pay.

I am wishing all Chosen families Heaven at last in Jesus name Amen.
Chosen is blessed!

Jesus is Lord!


From the stable of Chosen Online Media Crew, International Headquarters Lagos, Nigeria.

Praise the Lord!

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