Bro Barnabas joined Chosen in 2015. He is thanking God for making him and his entire family Chosen. He is also thanking God for arresting an armed robber who specializes in robbing churches after he stole Chosen properties.

On the 12th day of February, the former armed robber who is now a Chosen came to the The Lord’s Chosen branch at Ikpa in Orlu Region and made away with church’s properties not knowing that, no one can come to Chosen’s tent and cart away their belongings. He was nescient of this fact. While he was at large with the stolen instruments, the Holy Spirit nabbed him and told him to return these stolen items to The Lord’s Chosen Church.

After our brother’s testimony, the Online Revivalist Media Crew had a brief chat with him. Below are the few lines extracted from the interaction with him.
ONLINE MEDIA CREW: We really appreciate God for showing you mercy and for saving your soul. You said you’ve invaded other churches to plunder their belongings?
RESP: Yes, I’ve been to many churches (names withheld for some reasons) to loot their properties. I was successful in all my operations in these churches.
ONLINE MEDIA CREW: What exactly did you steal from the above mentioned churches?
RESP: Most times, I steal their phones, money, etc.
ONLINE MEDIA CREW: So, what did you do with these items you stole?
RESP: I sell them off,  sometimes I use them, but sometimes, I loose these items to other robbers too, just as you know, ‘Ihe ezuru n’oshi lara n’oshi’. (Which literally translates, “What you got from stealing goes back to stealing”)
ONLINE MEDIA CREW: What advice do you have for young and uprising youths who are into this act of stealing?
RESP: I advice them to repent, they should not steal again, they should strive to receive genuine salvation and make Heaven at last. I advice in all sincerity, that the youths should flee from stealing.
ONLINE MEDIA CREW: Thank you for your time. May God bless you and preserve your new found faith in Christ Jesus.
RESP: Amen!
Location: Orlu Region

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