The Bible saying; “that I will build my Church upon the solid Rock and not even the gates of hell shall prevail” was fulfilled yesterday as the Ultramodern National Headquarters of the Lord’s Chosen Prayer Warrior camp was Commissioned to the glory of God yesterday been Friday, the 27th day of April, 2018 by the General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry Worldwide in Ijesha Lagos, Nigeria, Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

It is very worthy to note that this Department is always there in the rain and under the sun, interceding for the Church, our workers and especially the General Overseer of this Church; they are the prayer pump action of the Lord’s Chosen Church.

Our God has decided to remember them by specially providing the best conducive ultramodern edifice to suit their comfort while making supplications to him.

This is the place where prayer goes on 24/7, God has laid his ark and covenant afresh for his Chosen ones; where Holy Spirit shall always mount four corners on second basis to address the supplications of his Chosen ones and where sinners just at confessing their sins shall be made whole again.
While dedicating the Ultramodern Intercessor building, the General Overseer/Founder of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry, who anchored the programme made a special prayers and released another Divine Intercontinental generational blessings for the Chosen ones.

He said in jiffy; Today I Commission this Ultramodern National Intercessors Headquarters building in the name of the father, of the son, and of the Holy Ghost. I refer to the Bible Book of 2nd Corinthians 3:10;

“As we consult God in this Building, He will bring out every good thoughts that he has for his Chosen ones. You should  always remember that this house is a spiritual house and let us ensure that our Obedience is fulfilled in righteousness and every prayer made in this house shall be answered in Jesus name Amen”.

He praised high the name of the Almighty for giving the Church the resources to complete this building and charged  everyone to always consult God in a special way in this building; having in mind that their problems shall not remain the way it was after bringing it under the feet of Jesus in this Holy Building.

Shortly the the event, The Lord’s Chosen Online Media Crew took out some time to interview
The National Leader of The Lord’s Chosen Intercessor department Pastor Moses Eze who appreciate the God almighty even the God of chosen on behalf  the Intercessor members worldwide for God’s favour upon their department.

We started from Ilasama in somebody’s parlour from there to uncompleted building, but today we have building of our own. Some time last year we decided to inform our General pastor about our plan to start the building and he encouraged us to go ahead. I had a dream after one of our Monday vigil, in my dream I saw our G.O and he told me that now is the run right time to build intercessor camp, I called one of engineer in our church here to draw the building plan and there was no money, but because of the revelation I had I went ahead believing God, that very night a man met us drawing the plan and told us that he want to involve himself in this project and the man looked around and said that the land is very small and I quickly went to our G.O and he gave us the present land where we build our camp and the man asked me do you want me to come in fully to support  and I told him to come in fully and the next day I saw trailer load of sand,  trailer of cement and everyday work was going on and today the Lord’s Chosen intercessor Camp  is built, why intercessor  building is standing today is power of unity  praise the Lord.

 My advice to you is to wait for God’s time and my prayer for Our Daddy is that any man planing evil against him, our mummy and their children all their evil plan will go back to the sender all their plan will be frustrated, I wish every department the same. I remembered one of our DADDY’S massage ” WHO WILL BE THERE WHEN GOD WILL DO THIS”. And today we are alive to behold this project completed.

Your problems shall be Crushed with Divine Bulldozers in this Revival ground, as God has laid his everlasting ark and covenant to roll away all that have persecuted you for so many years.
Solutions are coming on your way.
Wow! May the name of God Almighty be praised.

From Sis. Chioma Asiko and Sis. Chinyere Eugenia Onyekwere Chosen Online Media correspondence Lagos Nigeria.


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