In an exclusive interview with the AIT, CHANNELS TV, NTA, TVC NEWS, Chosen Press, Chosen Online Media Reporters, and other media present during the #Kwara2018 National Crusade, The General Overseer (G.O) of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Pastor Lazarus Muoka said that why he Choose Kwara State for the first National Crusade outside the National Headquarters, Lagos is because the Lord has finally remembered His people In Kwara state and environs.
While addressing the Journalists during an exclusive interview, the G.O said that the visit to Kwara will be a time of blessing and deliverance for the Chosen People in the state.

Below are excerpts from the interview.

Online Crew: We are pleased to be with you Sir, in this Great Holy Ghost Oriented Programme, “There Cometh One Mightier Than All.
We know our good Lord have designed this programme at His best time, we’re very happy that God has decided to use you to anchor this programme, and we know he has a lot to offer to His Children through you today and tomorrow.
G.O: We bless God, and we believe that His name will be lifted up above all other names as he’s the One Mightier than all.
Online Crew: What do you hope to achieve in this Crusade Sir?
G.O: Well, at the inception of this Great Movement, I have always made a covenant to God, and that is the three fold vision of the Church, and the 10billion soul’s Mandate.
These Includes;
1: Grass root Revival all over the world
2: Revival of Apostolic Christian experiences among the body of Christ
3: Revival of Heavenly Consciousness in the heart of every believer; then Heaven at last.
We’re not going to stop preaching the Gospel and holding Crusades just as we’re doing here today and tomorrow, until we achieve these visions and the 10 billion Souls Mandate; though the population of the world is not up to 10 billions.
It’s a mandate that will live longer than us.
That’s why we shall never rest on our oars; regardless of the numerical strength of the ministry until every nooks and crannies of the present world is combed for the present days revival.

Online Crew: What message do you have for Christians in Kwara State, having in reference that, this is the first time the Chosen train is storming the State for a powerful Coming of the One Mightier Than All?

G.O: I want to appreciate the State for welcoming the Gospel in this end time. It showed that they are really ready to accept Genuine salvation which is one of the fruits of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to advise them to be born again, give their lives to Jesus Christ and become true Christians.
With this, the power in the resurrection will always nurture them for the Heaven at last, which is the hope of every believer.

Online Crew: You have a large and fastest growing Church, which is one of the biggest in the Country; what advice do you have for Nigerian’s in this period of Political and Socio economic difficulties?

G.O: I am praying for peace, stability, unity and economic Prosperity for the country. I also pray that God should give our leaders the understanding and the wisdom to pilot the affairs of the present challenging instabilities in the country.
They should also go close to God, stronger in prayers; because it is only God that can bring peace, unity and progress in this Country.

Online Crew: What will the people of Kwara State, our new Comers, members of the Chosen family and the Special Invitees see after this Crusade?
G.O: Our God is a God that keep to his promises.
He said, Come unto me, all you that are burdened and heavy ladened and I will give you rest. He’s going to fulfill his own portion of the promise to His people by releasing His blessings and peace for the people of Kwara State. You have all hearkened to the Calling of the one Mightier Than All; He too will honor and bless everything that proceed from the mouth of his servant concerning your ugly situations, your sorrows and your afflictions.
And you will go home rejoicing in Jesus name Amen. I am also giving an assurance that the people of Kwara and its metropolis, our special invitees, and our new Comer’s will prosper after this crusade in Jesus name Amen.

Online Crew: What are your messages for the people of Kwara State?
G.O: My message for Christians and the people of Kwara State is that they should be strong and remain true, be faithful Christians, and be born again indeed.
I also charge them to go on fishing and evangelizing for the coming of God; and to prepare everyone for the divine rapture which will take us unaware.

Online Crew: We thank you Sir for your time to brief the public about what the holy ghost have in stock for his Chosen ones in this programme “There Cometh One Mightier Than All”.
We pray that your anointing shall be renewed, that all the strengths that has left you, will be renewed in Jesus name.
We also pray that, in the anointing of the most high God, shall you swim now till the end of the Crusade in Jesus name, and that our good God will perfect every words that proceed from your mouth in Jesus name Amen.
G.O: Amen!
You’re blessed my Children!

Online Crew: Thank you so much Sir.

#Pst. Lazarus Muoka.


From all of us at Chosen Online  Media Reporter.

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