How God Delivered Me From A Ritualist Den

Bro Ekene Igwenagu who joined The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries in the year 2002 is thanking God for saving him from the hands of the kidnappers who wanted using him for money rituals.

Our brother was on his way to one of  the Thursday Counseling and Deliverance services precisely on the 28th day of March 2013. He boarded a bus heading to Ijesha from Oshodi. While on the way he requested to alight at Charity Bus Stop but the bus driver declined his request. 

At that moment he knew he has entered a wrong bus. He told them he is “Omo Baba Ijesha” they still ignored him. Shortly after this, he lost consciousness and was no longer aware of his immediate environment, he was caught by their spiritual manipulation and he slept off in the bus. 

When he woke up, he saw that they were blind folded and transferred to another vehicle that further took them to the place where they will slaughter them and use them for the purpose in which the kidnap was initiated for. 

They were locked up there for close to four days without any information as regarding their reasons of being kidnapped.

At the fourth day when they were about to be slaughtered, they specifically requested that he, our brother be brought there to witness the killing of some of his fellow kidnapped persons. 

This was because he was boasting with some magical powers right before they caught him according to their words. When he came, they started the execution of the kidnapped persons one by one starting from a young girl of about 12yrs whose head was cut off right before his very eyes. 

The second lady who was even praying was also executed right in his sight and presence. Shortly before it got to his turn, he was taken into a trance where he encountered the angel of the God of Chosen. 

In the encounter, the angel told him that he should declare himself a Chosen and see God deliver him mightily. 
He also explained to him that in time past God indeed appeared to his people as God of the Prophets of old, and that in this time in our generation, he had decided to appear as the God of Chosen. 

Prior to this encounter he never believed in declaring himself a Chosen in the face of dangers as always instructed by the General Oversea of the Chosen Church as he always doubt the powers in the prophesy. However, he decided to hearken to the words of the angel. 

When it was his turn to be killed he immediately declared himself a Chosen three good times, as soon as he did this, a whirl wind from nowhere took over the killer up and threw him to the ground. When this happened, their leader ordered them to take him away from their camp as he is a threat to their kingdom. He was carried out of that place and was abandoned outside the environment where he couldn’t locate his way about. 

There, a man passing bye saw him and walked up to him and enquired what happened to him. 
Our brother explained to him all he had encountered in the hands of the kidnappers and the man took him to where he assisted him to board a vehicle back to Lagos State. That was how God of Chosen delivered him from the hands of ritualists.

Currently he now believed all the teachings of our G.O and agreed that God of Chosen shows up when the Chosen ones declare themselves Chosen in the face of any danger.
I don’t know how you might have used your own anointing and declaration to be resistable to dangers?

There’s power of old in the declaration.

As you share and pass this testimony, the good God of the season, the one mightier than all, Baba Ijesha, even the God of the Chosen will visit you whenever you’re caught by dangers and difficulties in all your live endeavors.
Chosen is blessed!


 The Full video of the Testimony below:


by the Online Revivalist Media Crew, 

International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.

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