Video/Pictures: A Former Police Officer Vomited White Burnt Candle At The Lord’s Chosen Crusade


Wow! The resurrection power of Jesus Christ was experienced live in the Capper of the Program “GOD’S COVENANT OF PEACE AND BLESSINGS” at the Chosen Revival Ground.
And the Lord fulfilled his promise to enter into a new everlasting covenant of peace and blessings with his people in the life of Bro Ahmed Shuaibu who was a former Muslim and Police Officer. 
His testimony goes thus; After travelling to his village in Kogi State sometime in 2002, he returned after two months to where he was serving as a police officer.

To his greatest surprise, he returned from the village under some strange demonic influence and that caused him to lodge an attack on his Divisional Police Head and later resigned from the Police Service Commission. When he later returned to his normal senses, he tried to be accepted again to take back his former position in the Nigerian Police Force but to no avail.

His wife who was a Christian took him to a “Prophet” in one of the spiritual Churches unknown to him, but relentless efforts to deliver him from the strange spirit proved abortive.

While there, the wife was advised through “prophecy” to leave the husband’s home to probably her parents home for refuge. 

This act infuriated Bro Ahmed Shuaibu and he came up with a conclusion not to enter any other churches to seek solution.

In the last 16years, Bro Shuaibu suffered untold hardship and persecution and could not provide for his wife and children as a head of the family. 

Just two weeks ago, challenges of this life made him to come up with the conclusion to wrap it up by taking his own life. 

On Sunday, the 18th day of March, 2018, he perfected arrangements  to hang himself in his apartment immediately his wife leaves for the Sunday’s Church Service. 

Fortunately, God had another alternative reaction, as at that day, the wife strangely delayed in going to church early as was her normal habit. He then left the house to take a walk over, hoping that by the time he return back, his wife must have left for Church Service and he will complete his suicidal mission. 

While still away, as he turned to the corner of his street, he saw a Lords Chosen Church. In front of the Church was a poster with the face of the G.O. As he was about walking away, he struck his foot on a stone, turned again and entered into the Church. He was overwhelmed by the warm reception the members of the Church accorded him at the end of the Church service.

Notwithstanding, he was also welcomed by the branch Pastor who also followed him up by visiting him at his residence. In the course of the visitations, the pastor gave him some money for his personal needs and uptakes. He was advised to attend the forthcoming Easter Retreat titled “God’s Covenant of Peace and Blessings, that Jesus is going to set him free. As he attended today being the capper of the programme, the word of resurrection power encountered him and in the deliverance process, a half burnt white candle came out from his stomach live. 

Only God can do this.

This is what the resurrection power of Jesus Christ which he used for the atonement of our sins can do.

Our brother was filled with Joy as he jumped up resurrected alive with Christ, for all things has been made new in his life.

Watch The Full video of the testimony below: 

Chosen praise the lord!

Jesus is Lord!


Submitted by Chosen Online Media Crew, International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.

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