By the Special grace of God, My Names are Bro Ifeanyichukwu Martin Nnagbo. I joined Chosen in the year 2005. I am a pastor in the Republic of Angola. I want to return all glories to the rock of ages, the wonder working God of Chosen for how he delivered me from family bondage, limitations and abject poverty which have eaten deep into my Joy as a man.

The Lord has turned my life around for good in all ramification of human endeavors and making everything I lay my hands, working for my good.

It happened that our Daddy G. O called for Partnership with God of the Chosen of which I rushed out with joy in my heart because I have been waiting for it for a very long time and I joined the first set of people which was to be paying a sum of a #10,000 monthly. Not only that I came out to pledge, I decided to go extra miles by pledging a Hundred and Twenty thousand Naira (#120,000) for a year, of which I redeemed the next day being Monday.

After redeeming that pledge, the spirits of death left me, because the evil spirit of death have been working against my family to the extent that in my father’s house, nobody lives to finish his project, everybody always stop on the way either in the foundation level or building level, but God of Chosen made my own case to be different because I am a Chosen.

Today, I was able to complete a two (2) storey building with thirty (30) flats in it and God of Chosen made me a landlord of thirty (30) tenants. When my brothers who couldn’t complete theirs saw what God did for me, they were asking me how manage and I told them is God of Chosen in action, because some of them started their own building since fifteen years ago but they couldn’t finish it, the other one started  his own 12 year ago he couldn’t  finish it, another one, 8 years ago and also none of them have completed their project. I told them it’s God of Chosen in action and that Power has changed hand in my life. Brethren, I have been going to Churches for solutions to my problems but no solution seem coming as this wicked demonic powers couldn’t go out of my life but immediately I joined Chosen, God proved his power in my life and all the afflictions and troubles of life varnished away from my life.

I want to speak to you our there, may be you have been looking for solutions to your life challenges through the back doors, bring them to the feat of our lord Jesus Christ in Chosen, no matter the problems, God will break the yoke as he did to me in Jesus name.

 My prayers for my Beloved Daddy G. O, and all the Chosen Pastors worldwide is that God should give them spirit of boldness, empower them and strengthen them more and more and I pray heaven at last to all the Chosen families in Jesus name.

Chosen is blessed!

Submitted By Chosen Online Media Crew Lagos

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