My name is Bro Chibuike Morgan. I joined Chosen in 2012. My testimony goes thus;

 It happened that on Tuesday morning, as I was preparing for school, something spoke to my mind to collect my grand mum’s number whom I live with, and also to wear my apron inside my School uniform. My grand mum when she sense what was going on,  Inquired to know the reason behind this act and I told her that I was led to put on my Apron.

 So on my way back from school at about 5pm, I saw three able bodied men with a white camry car. One was inside the car while two were outside, behind the car. The two men outside called me and I went ignorantly because I thought as an elderly ones they wanted to ask me a question or send me on an errand. One of them touched me and I lost my consciousness till I found myself inside an uncompleted building unknown to me. They began to call their leader, while my hands were tied. The leader came at about some minutes passed 7 in the night and said I will be executed and used for rituals, the following day been Wednesday.

On hearing that, I was so much afraid and I started crying and began to declare whom I am in that condition. I shouted  “I am a Chosen, I am a chosen, I am a chosen. Who are you?

Their leader became very furious and slapped me and asked me what I was saying which I repeated Shouting I’m a Chosen, I’m a Chosen, I’m a Chosen and shouted who are you by this time with boldness. At that instance, I developed courage and dragged this tool in my hand from him. It’s like a monitoring instrument. Because initially, the eye on it was rotating. But after wrapping it with the Anointed Handkerchief (my handkerchief that was prayed on in one of our services), the rotation stopped and it became powerless
He became more infuriated and grabbed my shirt. By so doing, the buttons on my shirt got loose and he saw the apron I was wearing inside, beside my school uniform, he shouted and said “take this boy out of this place and drop him on the road”,
That was how I boarded a bike that took me home that night, at about 9pm.

To God Almighty, the God of this Great Commission who spared my life, I return every praise to Him, I call Him Otimbodombo, Baba hum Baba hum, Eze Umu mmuo, Action God, The God of Undeniable deliverance.

Brought to you from the stables of Edo State Online Revivalist Media Crew.

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