The General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries (TLCCRM). His wife, our mummy in the Lord, National Pastors, State Pastors, Autonomous State Pastors, heads of department, other ministers of God here present, invited guests, staff and students of this great institution, other protocols observed.

Today, we are marking the occasion of the graduation of students who have completed various programs in the school during the 2017/2018 academic session. The theme for this year’s event is ‘ADVANCING KINGDOM KNOWLEDGE THROUGH QUALITATIVE EDUCATION’.
This theme has been carefully chosen in line with the progress so far made by the institute to position as one of the reputable institutions in this category.

By the grace of God, Lagos State Government has given approval to the school. This success did not come on a platter of gold but by the effort made by the management in providing some basic amenities in the school. These include one-man seat for students in the classroom, an air-conditioned school library facility, a sick bay and treatment of our borehole water facility to make it safe and healthy for use.

For training to achieve desired goal; there must be adequate provision of necessary facilities for a conducive learning environment. The school has focused on these area to ensure a high standard in the delivery of our services in order to maintain our commitment to the students. As we are all aware, money answereth all things and without it we would not have recorded this progress.

We are therefore using this medium to appeal to all lovers of the school to donate generously for the provision of other facilities especially the equipping of our library with current relevant books. Also, we need a school bus to convey the student and staff when necessary; computers for the library, photocopiers for running copies of our lecture materials, cafeteria and so on. We shall be grateful to receive your kind donation either in cash or kind toward the provision of the above terms.

We acknowledge the support of our General Overseer in bringing the school to this enviable height. Daddy, like a grain of a Mustard Seed, you sowed this school over a decade ago and have continued to nurture us to growth; today, we can say we are no longer toddlers but grown kids who can run errands for our parents. Thank you sir for all you have done to establish us.

On the graduation, we shall be graduate students who have completed the two years diploma, two years diploma and 4 years bachelor’s of Arts in theology program. This is part of recent upgrade of our programs as we have scrapped the one year certificate class in the last academy year. As usual, student from all our satellite campuses across the nation are here to participate in this ceremony. The latest of them is the Epe autonomous campus where the students will only be matriculating.

The God of Chosen has been faithful in helping to run our programs traveling through the length and breadth of the country. He has specially showered us with his traveling mercies ensuring our safety each of the times. May His great name be praised forever, Amen. Let me at this juncture highlight briefly on the significance of the institute. For the avoidance of doubt, MGBI provides formal theological education in line with the vision and mandate of the church, which make it a prerequisite for every pulpit pastor of the church to undergo. In addition, every chosen should seek to upgrade their knowledge in God’s word as well as in circular knowledge in order to function in their various ministries and department with relevant knowledge.

As a matter of fact, our training is not limited to the bible alone but has been structured to include other areas such as administration, human relation, psychology, language etc. This will equip you with the right skills to handle situations as a church worker to meet the required standard as we see more learned people are joining the ministry. It is therefore my hope that this year, we will have a good number of our pastors, leaders and workers coming to partake in the training. The management and faculty are looking forward to welcoming you.

Education is a life-long process which can only terminate at death; no one is too old or too young to go to school; rather, at old age education can rejuvenate and awaken intellectual ability. Education is from cradle to the grave. We also know that education is a potent force in the making of the whole man and is generally believed to be the most powerful weapon  to change the world; it also remains the only process to librate man from ignorance, poverty, disease and shame.

We can go on and on to make a case for learning in the four walls. It’s importance can never be over emphasized. In fact, it opens up new opportunities and brings us before kings and princes. This we shall witness today as the graduands will have the rare privilege of having a handshake with our Daddy G.O, which is the climax of today’s occasion. This goes to support all that I have been saying about learning. Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, without enrolling and passing through the school, how would this have happened to them?  It therefore underscores the importance of education as already pointed out. I therefore congratulate you (the graduating students) for taking this bold step.

Permit me at this juncture to leave the graduating students with these parting words as is customary with me. In 2Tim. 3:10-11 – But thou has fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, long-suffering, charity, patience, 11: persecution, afflictions which came unto me at Antioch,, at Iconium at Lystra what persecution I endured.

We can briefly analyze Paul’s statement thus:
Doctrine: A set of beliefs and principles contained in the bible that define the christian faith which are immutable and unchangeable. E.g. doctrines of salvation, holiness, faith baptism etc.
Manner of Life : Way of life, what I will or will not do; likes and dislikes
Purpose: What I am living for, life-pursuit, interests, passion, vision
Faith: The belief in the God of Abraham, my faith in Christ
Long-suffering: The spiritual strength to endure hardship, wait for God’s promises concerning my life to come to pass, or for His vindication no matter how long it takes
Charity: love for God, his service, love for the helpless, needy and hurting
Patience: Ability to tolerate people’s spiritual and character weakness
Persecution: Suffering, rejection due to my faith in Christ or for the sake of the Gospel
Afflictions: sickness, lack, wants, hard labour in service, hunter, etc.
Endurance: ability to bear them without murmuring and complaining
How this applies to you would be that ministers must acknowledge their master in the Lord’s vineyard and seek to understand his person. Having so identified him, you need to follow in his footsteps and do what he would do. Do you know the passion of our Daddy in the Lord in the ministry.?

Remember a servant can NEVER be greater than his master. Understand that you are operating under Grace and grace has its source. To be a successful minister, you must key into the three fold vision and 10 billion souls mandate of this church having your focus on our daddy, the man with the mantle.

To the matriculants, I welcome you to this great institution and assure you that you will have exciting time in the school. Also note that the school has zero tolerance for any form of indiscipline but promotes obedience, humility, sacrifices, hard-work and respect to constituted authority. For you to succeed in the school and make the most of the opportunity you must be disciplined.

Beloved brethren and invitees it is with joy that I announce to you that a total of ——-students will be graduating from all our campuses. Of this number, ——— students will be awarded the Bachelor’s of Arts (BA) in theology, while ——— persons will be awarded the diploma in theology.

Finally, on behalf of the management, staff and students of the institute. I welcome all our guests. Thank you for considering us worthy to share in your precious time. We pray the good Lord to grant your heart desire in Jesus name, Amen.

Thank you and God bless you all.

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