Brother Nwaka Victor from Surulere area of Lagos joined Chosen in 2008. He is thanking God for healing him of a terrible sickness that lasted for 8 years and made him wretched.
He said he came to Lagos with nothing and when God started blessing him, the devil struck him with sickness which took him to England on two occasions in search of healing. As the medical practitioners in England couldn’t help his situation, he was referred to India where it was diagnosed that he had ACID REFLUX (A digestive disease in which stomach acid or bile irritates the food pipe lining)

After a period of one year, the sickness resurfaced as the drugs finished. He went back to India and was told that the medicine will be for life. He stopped taking the drugs early last year by faith, one year has passed and he is alive and kicking without the drugs the medical practitioners told it’s for life.

Secondly, he’s thanking God for His healing virtues upon me. During the last concluded Lagos crusade, held few weeks ago, our beloved Daddy in the Lord called on members who will partner with God in God’s project, he came out and partnered with God. Before partnering with God, he had swollen legs which drugs were administered to. After the Grand Finale of the program, he went home to take the pills, he took the first and it fell down, same happened again. He then concluded that he’s not going to take the drugs again, two days after, the leg started deflating. Now, he’s totally healed.
He is also thanking God for His blessings upon his life. When he newly came to Lagos, he was sleeping in the kitchen, he had to wait outside for them to finish cooking in the kitchen before he will sleep but now, God has blessed him with 2 wings of duplex in Surulere, 3 wings of duplex in the village, an office complex in Apapa and most recently, a duplex in Lekki.
Lastly, He made a pledge of 1 million naira to God of Chosen which he did not fulfill after 2 months. On the last day of 2017, he fulfilled the pledge. The company he is into business with called him, that he’s been shortchanged with 137 million naira. God because of this pledge he fulfilled swung into action and made them review his account and paid him his money. He’s eternally grateful to God. 

In his words,  He is a Miraculous God, the God that one ought to lean on so long the person lives here on earth.
Praise God.

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