Bro Ekene Charles was was travelling with his wife and son by sea within Bayelsa State. When the passenger boat reached the middle of the sea, he noticed that all the passengers were lying face down on the floor of the boat.
 Our Brother then looked around and approaching from the back end of the boat were Sea Pirates with their faces covered and riding on a speed boat. When the Pirates climbed into the passenger boat, our Brother Ekene was the only passenger who did not bow down his head. The pirates then immediately approached our brother and asked him for his money. 

Bro Ekene looked straight in their eyes and calmly told them he is a Chosen. The pirates said okay and left him. They turned to his wife seated by his side and demanded for her money; Bro Ekene tapped the Sea Pirate on the hand and told them, that the woman by his side is his wife, immediately the Sea Pirates apologized by saying, “I am sorry”.
The Pirates moved over to a young man seated a little distance away and demanded for his money; the young man surrendered his phones and money to them. However, Bro Ekene again called out to the Sea pirates and told them that the young man is his brother. 

‘The Pirates immediately returned the phones and money to the young man. It was in this order that Bro Ekene nullified the powers of the Sea Pirates and consequently disabled their capacity to operate in that passenger boat. The Sea Pirates left them and raided another passenger boat in the sea and killed a number of passengers in that other passenger boat.

Bro Ekene also testified of how after paying his first fruit in the month of January 2017, God blessed him with a miracle alert of N200,000.00. He used the blessing of N200,000.00 and started a building project which is nearing completion as at date.
To God be the glory.
Ekene Charles
The Lords Chosen Bayelsa State.

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