Bro Elijah Egharevba joined Chosen this year 2018 (January precisely). He’s from Benin. His testimony goes thus. He was assigned to assassinate a certain family that are members of The Lords Chosen but his plan was shattered. His mission was to eliminate the family and he came all the way from Benin to accomplish this evil mission.

However, when he got to the house, he was arrested by God of Chosen. He gained entrance into the house, tried shooting the family members who are chosen but he noticed that the chosen family declared the phrase, “I am a chosen three times” When the gun didn’t respond, he fell down and became unconscious. Then the family placed the handbill of the program, from sorrow to joy on his chest.

Some minutes later, he found himself on the floor and couldn’t speak or make any sound. It became obvious that his charms had failed him, that he has been arrested by the God of chosen. The Chosen family spoke to him and invited him to follow them to Friday night vigil that same day which was Friday, he agreed and followed them to the vigil. After the vigil, he realized his charm had stopped working. All these happened last two weeks ago, precisely on Friday.

Formerly, this brother was into the lifestyle of killing, destroying and causing havoc in the lives of people. However today he is changed person and now a Chosen.

This Miracle of salvation is indeed the best miracle that can happen to anyone. We appreciate God for his salvation and pray that God will establish him in Righteousness and Holiness.

To this end, are you in this web of sin or other kind of atrocities? Run to Jesus now, if this brother could be changed, you can be changed as well.



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